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09/02/2016 I wasn't going to send this...
08/25/2016 Our GB Olympic Athletes got it all wrong!!!
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07/28/2016 Karaoke Vulnerability & matching Bra and Pants!
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06/09/2016 You should read this
06/03/2016 The 5 minute 20 second workout!
06/03/2016 The 5 minute 20 second workout!
06/01/2016 Unique (& honest) ways to lose the first 1/2 stone (or the last!)
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05/10/2016 5 steps to looking 10 years younger....
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04/29/2016 Why SLOW GO CARDIO stinks!
04/26/2016 "You're not FAT"
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04/20/2016 Are you struggling with the "Bare Necessities?"
04/15/2016 Oh Laud..I made him feel really uncomfortable!
04/07/2016 Why I REFUSED to make her feel better.....
04/07/2016 "I give up"
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03/22/2016 How much can my body change in 8 weeks?
03/22/2016 Getting ADVICE when you don't ask for it!...HATE that!
03/16/2016 Zig Zag - Are you brave enough to break all the rules?
03/08/2016 Zig Zag - I'm going to be honest with you
03/04/2016 Zig Zag - My #1 weight loss tool dump?
03/01/2016 Zig Zag - My #1 weight loss tool dump?
02/20/2016 Zig Zag - PART 2 Top 10 Brain Foods for a natural ENERGY BOOST
02/19/2016 Zig Zag - Top 10 brain foods for a natural energy boost
02/13/2016 Zig Zag - The importance of #BOS
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01/30/2016 Zig Zag - The
01/22/2016 Zig Zag - The
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01/15/2016 My most simple program to date.....
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01/06/2016 Zig Zag - I'm too fat & unfit
01/05/2016 Zig Zag - Been on them today ?
01/05/2016 Zig Zag - Been on them today ?
01/02/2016 Zig Zag - No miracle PLANS here!
12/31/2015 Zig Zag - Extremes are easy. What I'm asking you to do is much harder!
12/28/2015 Zig Zag - Why 99% of diets totally miss the boat when it comes to fat loss
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