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I spent a lot of last week answering questions from new clients 

And I love doing it. 

It tells me they are thinking about their nutrition/accountability and planning ahead. 

It's the ones that never ask a single question I worry about!

The most common question last week was about SNACKING...


This is often the biggest thing people struggle to get right.


And it can be a killer of any results if you get it wrong.


But that's where the three keys to success come in...


The first key to success is Ask  an expert...


Get the right information you need WHEN you need it, in just the right amount, at the right time.


This helps you gain clarity and then apply only the RIGHT things to achieve what you need and want (not following someone else's goals).



The second is ASSOCIATION...


Being surrounded by people committed to the same success, on a mission to create a better life for themselves and going through the same struggles and obstacles - and the support from that powerful group!


The third is ACCOUNTABILITY...


Staying accountable to doing the things you know you need to and said you would do (when making the plan for success) - accountable to someone you trust and respect, and that will keep you on track..


THIS (the three A's) is why Zig Zag's Forever Kick Start Challenge works, LONGTERM.   


Diets DON'T Work


If diets alone in the form of a book or a website to read and follow actually worked, every single one of the diet companies would go out of business...


People wouldn't need to diet anymore. 


The problem is you CANNOT maintain a diet for the long term, your body cannot cope with the ridiculously low calorie intake.


Mentally you cannot go on being miserable, tired, lethargic, grumpy, moody, and depriving yourself of stuff. 


This is why you snap and reach for the chocolate (or whatever your vice is).


Ladies are enrolling right now for my next Forever Kick Start Taster Week. During this week you get a real TASTE of the whole 8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge for FREE. There's a £9.50 registration fee but you get that back once you have attended both face to face training sessions, even if you choose not to attend the whole Forever Kick Start Challenge. 


We start Monday 2nd Feb. However there's some preparation to do prior to the face to face stuff, so grab your place now!HERE


So if you want to take control of your weight, health and fitness THIS SIDE of Easter, you have one opportunity.


You can find the details here:


Forever Kick Start Challenge