So how are you getting on with your New Year resolution?


17th January was a couple of Saturdays ago, and this was a significant day.




It's statistically proven to be the day that most people give up on their New Year resolutions.


By this point of the year 90% of you will have abandoned your healthy eating or diet plans, or if you joined a gym, you will be missing sessions that you swore you'd do by now!


Sound familiar?


I can confidently say 100% of my clients that joined me in January are still training with me, and really nailing those goals. 




The A's I mentioned last week... Association, Access & Accountability. 


If you don't want January to suddenly turn into February and before you know it March is upon you and you haven't moved forward since December, then don't forget about my Forever Kick Start Challenge, ladies, starting on Monday 2nd Feb.


Just a couple of places left. I can only take 10 each intake.


It will provide you with ALL of the tools you need to easily get the results you want in time for Spring, and sustain them, so there's no need for any New Year resolutions next year!


Here's a great tool right now to help you on your way..



Snacking is personally MY biggest downfall.  


If I don't plan them, I eat rubbish. 


Slimline Snacking


I thought I could tell you what I have snacked on so far this year:


Cashew nuts (raw, not salted or honey roasted!!)


Brazil nuts


Cashew nut butter


Coconut pieces (you can get them in supermarket).




Naked bars (these aren't ideal - A LOT of fruit sugar in them) - but better than making a BAD choice such as a chocolate bar full of rubbish. That's why I had them.


Natural Greek yoghurt & berries


Carrot sticks dipped in hummus


Half an avocado


And you could add protein shakes to this, but personally...I can't bear them! 


That's it for today...


If you want IN on my Forever Kick Start Challenge starting on Monday 2nd Feb , CLICK HERE:





P.S. There is never a right time to start (or re-start!) your health and fitness by the way. 


90% of people thought it was January (again!), it never is!