Newsletter Vol. 4 March 2015

Some conversations really make you sit up and think don't they Zig Zag?


A new client was telling me recently that she had at least a stone to loose.


I was telling her about the workouts we do throughout the Forever Kick Start Challenge and that they are tailored specifically to female fitness and fat loss, with the results being a lean and toned body.


I mentioned about using dumbbells and kettle bells, when she interrupted me and said:


"Oh no, I cannot lift weights, my old personal trainer told me I mustn't lift anything heavier than 2kg, otherwise I will bulk up... I have that body type you see."


Alarm bells started ringing in my head.


She means a mesomorph type body - a human physical type that is marked by greater than average muscular development.


I am certain that she isn't a mesomorph.


Then I asked her how heavy her child was (she'd told me she had a two year old son)?


"About 10-12kgs I suppose?"


"So, you NEVER lift him then....?"


11 Reasons Women Should Never Lift Weights


For starters, It can lead to a faster metabolism, better body image, and improved self-esteem...


What a disaster.



1. Because who wants to speed up their metabolism, anyway?


The after burn effect (or, if you’re a scientist, “prolonged elevations of post exercise metabolic rate”) 


means increased metabolism after certain kinds of exercise, like resistance workouts.


So, obviously, stay away, because WHAT A DRAG.



2. And less belly fat? Not important to you, right.


Weight training means a healthier waist circumference.


But, again, no one’s really worried about all that.



3. Feeling confident is totally overrated.


Everyone prefers to struggle through their negative feelings about themselves, right?



4. Staying healthy and in shape as you age is like, such a bummer.


Weight training helps stabilise body fat, prevent weight gain, and preserve lean mass over the long term.



5. When it comes to actually living longer... that's no big deal.


Strength training makes people more physically active in their daily lives, which means less time spent sedentary, which can contribute to a longer life. YAWN.



6. And what’s so great about being able to confidently carry your own luggage, food shopping, etc.?


Lifting weights will make you stronger. The horror of it!



7. Because everyone LOVES hours and hours of cardio and has the time to do it.


Why burn fat efficiently and effectively when you can spend hours on the treadmill? #treadmillsgetyounowhere



8. Weak or broken bones aren’t really that much of a hassle.


Weight-bearing exercise prevents osteoporosis, which causes the bones to lose density, weaken, and become super susceptible to breaks and fractures.


9. Day-to-day stress and anxiety keeps things exciting.


Which is why it’s important to avoid weight training’s mental health benefits at all costs.



10 .Struggling with self-esteem can become a hobby.


So, don’t bother lifting weights, because doing so improves women’s self-esteem and overall emotional wellbeing. And who needs that?



11. What’s better than feeling tight, immobile, and stiff all at once?


Do NOT get involved with strength training; it improves flexibility, which is just an all-around nope.



In conclusion, lifting weights in NO FUN. But it will drastically improve your strength, self esteem, confidence, improve your body's ability to move better and keep you healthy as you age.





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No, seriously...


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Bye for now!