Newsletter Vol 6 June 2015

We've all been there…


We've ALL suffered from it at some point in our lives.


SNOS – it's a silent affliction, you don’t even know you have it at first either…



  • The celebrity exercise DVD.
  • The 190 different ways to juice a carrot MAGIC Juicer used by Madonna.
  • The gym membership
  • Weight Watcher
  • Slimming World
  • Herbal Life
  • Juice Plus
  • Insanity Workout DVD
  • 5:2 Dieting


ALL of the above started, unused or even unopened…



We’ve all suffered from this before, haven’t we?!







I’m sure like so many of my Forever Kick Start Ladies you are also thinking about holidays and summer clothing , and THIS YEAR you want to feel great right?


So what are you going to do THIS YEAR that’s different from all the other years?


Considering the EMOTIONAL CYCLE of CHANGE, may just be the MISSING LINK in your efforts……THE difference between actually getting results, opposed to NOT getting any results.


Here we go…..



Vertical Line = How you feel about the process


Horizontal Line = Relative period of time.


Let’s dive into this…


Uninformed Optimism


“This time it’s different”


“Bring it on…”


This is the time that you decide you want to change:

  • Lose weight
  • Start exercising
  • Get back into your favourite jeans


It’s exciting. 


Glorious sunshine.


Unicorns trotting past. 


You can see NOTHING but benefits from doing this program/diet/joining a gym.


This is when you excitedly hit the BUY NOW button. 


Excitement and optimism.


Usually a MONDAY!


That’s the OPTIMISM part.


The uninformed bit?


Usually means you don’t have the information about what lies ahead, what it is actually going to take to succeed.


The excitement took over a bit too much.


But you’re signed up.


You’re “committed” this time.


You CANNOT wait to get started.


NO ONE has a problem reaching this phase.


Our emotions are very often driven by uninformed optimism, which is why people jump from diet to diet, exercise class to exercise class, fad to fad.


It’s because they think that one of them will finally work  - the ‘get results by doing nothing’ program that we ALL seek.


It’s a shame though… the uninformed optimism doesn’t last long.


Sometimes a week, sometimes literally just days.


But as you realise more about the reality of the work required, positive emotions often turn sour.


[Are you nodding your head right now?!]


This leads to the second stage of change…




When you realise that it ISN’T in fact EASY at all.


The information you now have makes it clear that this change is going to be more difficult than you first thought.


You didn’t realise you’d have to drink so much water, or actually buy some real food and cook it.


Those negative emotions start to kick in.


The benefits you craved seem a lot further away.


You’re positive attitude starts to slip a little.


You feel a lot of RESISTANCE to the program/diet/gym…


You don’t like this discomfort.


You start convincing yourself that the benefits of this change ‘aren’t that important’


“I’m happy as I am”


"Things are ok”


Could be worse, I suppose”


Or the old classic…


“Stuff it!”


Is the change you crave worth all of this effort?


You tell yourself your body is different. This won’t work for you anyway.


You go back to Facebook to try and find out what everyone else is doing…


Frustration kicks in.


Then you are into the VALLEY OF DESPAIR - Phase 3...


This is where most people quit and give up.


All you feel right now is PAIN, RESISTANCE and FRUSTRATION.


The ‘PAY OFF’ of this diet seems FAR FAR away right now.


There is a really easy way to end this discomfort.




“It wasn’t so bad before”, remember.




The problem here is the QUIT and REPEAT.


Quitting and repeating this process OVER and OVER again.


If you give up in the valley of despair, you end up back in the first phase…




But that bit is FUN remember, and WAY more comfortable than being in the valley.


This is why we have perpetual ‘goal setters’.


Yet, 3, 4, 5 years down the line they are still doing the same. 


Still making the same excuses.


So, how do you get out of the Valley of Despair?


The Million Dollar Question!


I’ll tell you that tomorrow.


But I can tell you this for FREE.




v v v v v v v v


It’s not a coincidence that the Zig Zag Forever Kick Start Challenge sees on average each lady dropping 1 stone in weight and at least 1 dress size.


And more importantly, for the first time in their lives they feel IN CONTROL of their own results. They finally understand what they need to do to get those results they crave.  


The nutritional guidelines I use are not a quick-fix-magic-bullet-starve-yourself plan.


The exercise program is anything but random.  CONSISTENCY all the way.


The Forever Kick Start Challenge is ALL about SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY and creating CAMARADERIE.


Nobody gets left behind.


Nobody is left to their own devises to figure it out for themselves.


“Success lies in the masterful consistency of those daily doable practices”


It's not as exciting as a SHINY NEW OBJECT. Not a quick fix, or magic bullet, or one size fits all approach.


But the long lasting, life changing results feel fantastic!


It's time to stop the cycle of excuses.


It's time for a new way:



See  you tomorrow!


PS CLICK HERE to hear Katie and Wendi explain just  how fantastic those results really feel