Newsletter Vol 15 September 2015


I get bombarded Zig Zag with questions


pretty much every day




Which diet to follow?




What's best to eat?




When's best to eat?




I always try to help people




and have absolutely no problem with people




who don't follow my advice






But when someone asks me




for my advice on their childrens diet




and then I hear they're giving




their 10 year old strange fruit and vegetable supplements






I Get Pretty cross (inside ofcourse!)






It make's my blood boil!!!








'But it helps her get more fruit in her' she said




How about this Jenny?










'But it stops her snacking on sweets' she said




SHE'S 10!!












'But at least she's getting




something in her before she leaves for school' she said




How about this Jenny?






YOU MAKE a healthy smoothie for her




instead of giving her a chemical storm for breakfast??








I get so cross that people get duped




into thinking this rubbish is good for you






I've already given Jenny advice




on how to put together healthy family meals






I guess I just have to remember


that some people will always




take what they see is 'the easy way out'








For those of you who DO want to make lifelong changes




not just to your body, but with your mindset too 




Then my Forever Kick Start Challenge




is the perfect place for you to start








Over the course of 56 days




you'll learn so much about yourself




that you'll never have to




resort to emotional eating again








You'll discover an easier way to burn fat




without ever feeling hungry or deprived




so that you can actually eat more




but be slimmer, more toned and healthy






Each week you’ll get 2


women only group training sessions.


They’ll set your metabolism




on fire from the very start!






You’ll get my Forever Fat Loss Cookbook




Packed with easy, doable ideas




To feed not only you but your family too




With good nutritionally dense food






Accountability is key




We have that covered too




Your weekly journal enables you to keep track of




Where you’re at…and I’ll be looking at it too!






The Supermarket tour enables you to




Personalize your very own eating plan




No dictating, No depriving, just YOU working




On the best solution for you with my guidance








Each day you'll have access to the member’s lounge




where we'll be discussing those issues




that crop up time and time again




and that stop you getting to where you want to be








I'll be answering your questions each day




to make sure that you're on the right track




to a Healthier, Slimmer and Happier you for Christmas




^^^ Yes I did just use the C word ^^^










We'll be looking at what your roadblocks are




that are stopping you from getting what you want




and are taking you further away from happiness each day










There's no magic pill, potion, lotion or powder




(regardless of what the reps out there tell you)




But there is a way to be living in a body that you love










Make your application TODAY




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One week to have a taste of the full 8 week program








Bye for now





P.S There's still a few spaces left




On the October Taster Week


Don't just take my word for it


Watch the short videos from some of my


AMAZING Kick Start Ladies!




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach