Newsletter Vol 21 Dec 2015, Stratford Upon Avon


Happy Christmas 

Because it has started hasn’t it?

The festivities, the winding down, the odd mince pie here and there

the Christmas Do’s and the start of the extra few pounds

you could gain over the season!!



We don't gain 7llbs by eating one large Christmas dinner alone!

Often the damage is done even before we arrive at the 

Festive table! Avoid that bloated, stuffed Turkey feeling this year

and follow this Pre Christmas damage limitation guide



If you are an A lister who has been invited to every party in town

then here are a few survival tips to keep you ahead of the game!

I believe you should totally enjoy the



Before I start I want to clarify something...

This article concentrates heavily on calories,

something we don’t consider to be that important at

Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation and throughout

our weight loss coaching programs.  



However, when it comes to Christmas it's the overconsumption

of foods high in sugar, trans fats and salt

that cause us the most problems, and as a calorie

is the most commonly used method of illustrating this

I have used them for references in this article.



Most importantly if you don’t leave the house

without a plan of attack you could easily find yourself

consuming 2000 calories plus before you know it.



If there's a meal involved decide what you’re going to eat

and what you’re not going to eat before you get there

and choose wisely.



Soup or a prawns are great starters.

Turkey for mains is ok, but go easy on the sauces,

the sausages, roasted potatoes, Yorkshires, stuffing etc,

try and fill up on the vegetables as much as possible.



A fish course can be a healthy option so can the veggie options,

but watch out for extras such as pastry or cheese

that top up the cals and fat content!



If you still have room for desert

then the fruit salad will be the best option.

But as it’s Christmas and if you really can’t resist

then leave half of the desert on your plate,

and offer the rest to someone else so it isn’t sitting in front of you!



Remember you don’t have to clear your plate!



Try to make the decision before you go that you are going

to stay away from the nibbles and appetisers,

these are dangerous as they are high in calories

and often in bowls where you can easily dip in and out

grabbing a handful here and there. 



10 dry roasted peanuts are about 45 cals,

so a handful can easily come in at 100 cals,

and whoever has just one handful?



Take your own offerings if the party is at home or in the office,

such as vegetables crudities, with homemade hummus dips,

fresh fruit and nut salads



Nominate yourself as the driver –

with 7 calories per gram alcohol can be a real

demon in your fat burning plan.

Alcohol is actually a poison to the body and therefore

it will try to eliminate it immediately.

Metabolising those calories before burning fat.

This means it will not be able to burn off the calories

you have consumed through food

thus adding them to your waistline



A 550 ml can of Stella Artois contains 221 cals.

4 of them and you’ve hit your 1000 calories

without even hitting the buffet!

Or for the ladies a 175ml glass of white wine will be 130 cals.

Vodka is not too bad at around 50 but then

if you add Coke you can also add another 70 cals.

Any kind of alcopops or red bull type mixes

you can be looking at around 220 per bottle.



If you are going to have a few drinks then choose wisely.

Add soda and ice to make the drink longer

and sip instead of guzzle!

And have a glass of water in between each drink –

your head will thank you for this in the morning

as well as your waistline!



Do a workout before you get ready!

Get yourself moving for 30 minutes and get off to a great start.

This will make you feel great and get the blood flow

to your muscles giving you a bit more definition

and a healthy glow later.  

Try a quick run,

or circuit of 30 seconds of each of these..

repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes

with little or no rest




Press Ups

Skipping (with or without the rope)





Lastly, make sure you spend most of the evening

on the dance floor and not by the buffet..

dancing can burn up to 400 cals an hour

more if you throw a few head spins and windmills

so hit the floor and cut some shapes!



Have a great night out and enjoy the party season!




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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach