Newsletter Vol 23 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


Zig Zag I had one of those moments the yesterday...


I said something

there was a painful silence and then

a bit of tumbleweed rolled passed me! 



Cast your mind back to when you were younger (approx the 80s... maybe early 90s!)...



There was a TV advert for Head & Shoulders shampoo

two men in a changing room about to get in the shower.



One of them pulls a bottle of Head & Shoulders out of his bag

and his mates says

"I didn't know you have dandruff?"



The main man replies...


"I don't".



Classic advert, and brilliant marketing.  



Do you remember it Zig Zag?



I was walking down High Street in Stratford last week.

Walking towards me was a lady I know

and someone I didn't know.



We reached each other and said hello.

I was introduced to the lady I didn't know. 



I was advised that she was the next door neighbour

of someone else I know.



The lady [that I don't know] asked how I knew her neighbour?



I replied

"She’s a client of mine at Zig Zag Women’s Fitness & Motivation ".



And this lady replied...


"Oh my goodness, I didn't know she needed to lose weight..."



I replied:


"She doesn't..."











[Cue the tumbleweed rolling past Starbucks towards Jack Wills]



If you want to be in the position where you never NEED to lose weight again, then start using Head & Shoulders...


Oh, no... I mean JOIN OUR NEXT

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What's your plan for 2016?


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Be You...but even better. 




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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