Newsletter Vol 24 Dec 2015, Stratford Upon Avon


Zig Zag Did you know…


Ladies put on (on average) 7-11lbs over the festive period.


Yes… from NOW for the next five weeks!


Damage Limitation Survival Guide


Let’s be honest, the next few weeks are not about

getting killer results 

but more about DAMAGE LIMITATION in terms of your

exercise and eating!


Over the next few weeks I am going to provide you

with a go-to-guide to help you through Christmas

and the New Year celebrations.


And limit the amount of damage you are inevitably

going to do to your body.


Let's be honest

you’re NOT going to

NOT indulge this Christmas! 


You’ve worked hard all year on your health (hopefully)

and gone beyond the call of duty for your family

so you deserve a bit of time off.


The reason why I have put this guide together

is because without a doubt, the holiday season

between the beginning of December to post New Year

is the hardest time of the year not put on any weight

and sabotage even the best laid fitness/diet plans.  


There are a few reasons that contribute to this problem:


No Game plan:

The main problem is as simple as that

Not having any set structure of what you’re going to

eat and drink on your nights out.  

By putting a simple plan in place you will be

10 times more likely to not see yourself

ballooning in front of you own eyes than if you just

“wing it” and hope for the best!


Always on the run:

This is also the busiest time of the year for most ladies

with Christmas shopping, children, visiting relatives,

work deadlines and not forgetting all the social gatherings.


Holiday treats:



Your boss has them on their desk,

your co-workers have them on their desk,

YOU have them on your desk…

and in a dish in your living room

or a little treat bag in your cupboard!  


Treats are constantly in your face for the next 40+ days

and there is little you can do about it.


Social Gatherings:

Work Parties, Friends Parties, Family Parties,

YOUR Parties…it’s an endless assault on your body

of alcohol and food!


So with these key points in mind

I have set out to design this guide in order to

specifically combat every one of those excuses.


We say excuses because let’s face it,

once I expose the solutions to all of these problems listed above,

90% of ladies reading this will still find an excuse

for ignoring all of the tips and gain weight this year,

and then complain about it.


Don’t be one of those ladies.


You're better than that!   


Aren’t you?!


Over the next few weeks I will be sending you details on:

  • Life’s Essential Tips for Better Health For Christmas
  • Social Eating/Eating Out Survival Guide
  • Hangover Causes and Secret Solutions
  • Master Your Metabolism - Some fat preventing HOME Workouts
  • Healthy Left Over Turkey Recipes
  • How not to forget how to have some FUN this Christmas!
  • Your 2016 Health and Fitness Plan…        



Look out for my next email for the start of the information

that is going to give you the best chance this year

NOT to be average.


Remember, the average women puts on

7-11lbs between now and new year.


PS The right information is great


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Be You...but even better. 




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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