Newsletter Vol 22 Dec 2015, Stratford Upon Avon


Saturday Night TV...


I genuinely use to love it.


It bores me a little

I think it's the fact that it just feels so "samie" 

Do you know what I mean Zig Zag?



Well, I dip in and out of Strictly Come Dancing,

which I enjoy to a degree.

But X Factor....



I literally cannot watch it.  

I have to get up and move around because

I find it so bad.



It makes my skin itch and makes me really twitchy. 



I can't be the only one, can I?



The power of FOUR minutes....


One of the most common things I hear is

"I don't have time to exercise...".

Especially at this time of year.

And especially because I work with small groups of

unstoppable ladies. Right now we're just spinning

those plates a little faster aren't we?   



I even say it to myself sometimes.



And it's one of the most frequently given excuses

for why ladies are not in the shape/health

they want to be right now.



It may well be true that you're SUPER busy....



I'm always busy...

not necessarily always being productive,

but I am always busy.  



It's a massive fault of mine! 



Here's the thing, we all do have time, if we create it. 



Remember, the average person in UK now spends over 40 minutes a day on Facebook...



But hasn't got time to cook a meal, or fit a workout in...



I think the reason people use the 'time excuse'

for not exercising is actually them not really knowing

what to do with the time they do have available

(or could make available).



And there is nothing worse or more pointless

than doing a workout without a purpose.



EVERY workout you do should have focus and a purpose.  e.g. 

  • Fat Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • De-Stress
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Speed
  • Improve Endurance


If you do a workout and don't really know why you are doing it

it is barely worth doing in my opinion.



You'd be better off spending that time

preparing a healthy meal,

cooking that meal,

talking to your children,

talking to your partner...





Anyway, back to the power of four minutes...



If you had a plan for your workout,

just for the first FOUR minutes,

then you will have a FAR more effective workout

than doing something aimless for an hour...

and probably really badly too.



Sometimes I start talking myself out of a workout or a run,

telling myself, I don't have the time, I am tired,

I  need to do something else instead...

have you done that Zig Zag?



SO I say to myself

"Ok... do four minutes and then see how you feel".



More often then not, once I have hit the four minutes,

I want to carry on.

I'm feeling more energised already

and actually enjoying what four minutes ago

felt like a chore.


Four Minutes Advert Breaks To Burn Fat...


I know that the advert breaks on TV shows like

X Factor and Britain's Got Talent are

4m 17s long.  

And Yes, I've timed them...!



And this got me thinking.

Sitting on the sofa watching Saturday night TV

probably snacking on something

that is going to make you feel less like moving later

is such dead time when you could in fact be doing a workout! 



If you had three FOUR MINUTE workouts planned,

that would be a killer 12 minute workout.

This is ALL you need to do to kick start fat loss.

There might even be four advert breaks?



Doing three/four times a week

or every night if you watch I'm A Celebrity! 

and I guarantee you'll have less bloating,

more energy, be in a better mood and

have a flatter stomach by the end of the week...



So who is going to do it during the X Factor tomorrow night?





"Do the work others aren't willing to do,

and you'll get the things others will never have".




Your Four Minute Workout Plan For A Flatter Stomach...


Workout 1:  

Two Exercises Back To Back 

20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest (or transition to next exercise).


1. Here is a music track for you to play so that you can keep the timings right for the above:


2. Here is the simple but effective workout:



Workout 2:

If you know the exercise techniques, you could do this version:


1. Squat

2. Press Up

3. Reverse Lunge

4. Mountain Climbers

5. Squat

6. Press Up

7. Plank

8. Burpees


So there you have it, a simple way

to turn the worst possible hour of your life (in my opinion!)

to a fat blitzing workout! 



You're friends WON'T do this,

but will also complain that they don't have time to exercise

or fit into their jeans anymore...



You will do it though, wont you....Zig Zag?! 





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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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