Newsletter Vol 29 Dec 2015, Stratford Upon Avon




I ate A LOT of food!


Drank  a bit more than planned too...
Sounds familiar?



We went for a few brisk walks 

but really feeling the need to move myself and get a bit more focus



New Year's resolutions? I haven't done these for a few years


In less than a week’s time millions of people are going to kick off

a New Year with yet another personal promise of

greatness for 2016.



A lot of them will be health related and probably going on a diet of some guise or another…


As I pointed out in an email before Christmas

92% of all resolutions FAIL.  Fact.



Here is why the ‘diet’ resolutions fail.

And why you should re-consider your 'New Year diet'

before kicking it off at a million miles an hour...

set up to fail by 1st Feb!

The process of a diet:


Impurities in your body (toxins – from various sources,

but mainly from the foods and drinks you are consuming)

are stored in your fat cells.



You cannot live with these toxins in your blood stream,

so to protect the body from the toxins it stores them in fat cells. 

The more toxic you are the more fat cells you need.



When you ‘diet’ you are essentially cutting the number of calories

you are consuming, and by nature of doing this you are

going to have a temporary weight loss.

Great news!



So this results in you having a ‘smaller body’,

but this smaller body will mean there is a higher percentage of impurities.



The problem is,

you have not addressed the issue of the toxins in your body,

and this is partly due to the processed foods that many well know diets

allow you to still consume.



What happens next is called REBOUND.



This is when the body senses the increased levels of toxins

and goes into emergency fat cell production to store the toxins in and

protect itself.

This is why ladies ‘Yo-Yo’ diet.



They lose weight/a bit of body fat,

but it comes straight back on because the

body cannot live at that level of toxicity.


The process of a detox:


At Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation

we call our detox procedure "CRAP" WEEK!

This is the first stage of the 8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge.

In fact we support you through this during the FREE Taster Week.



It's a simple process based on consuming whole foods. 

No lotions potions or pills involved

we just don't believe in them



When you avoid certain foods that are known to be allergenic

and that human are intolerant to (mainly wheat and dairy), 

you will reduce the number of toxins entering your body.



This leads to less toxins in the body,

which means the body needs less fat cells.

Less fat cells leads to LESS BODY FAT, and often less body weight as well.






As soon as you start consuming junk food, processed food

and foods that we are intolerant to,

you toxicity will go up and you will start creating more fat cells again

to cope with the toxins.



Here is an image to demonstrate the above in a more visual manner:




So what is the answer?


Counting calories is totally boring.


Points are pointless if the foods you're eating are still processed rubbish.

Here's the deal...



Aim to eat REAL food (veggies, fruit, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs)

in the form that they were meant to be in.


Most of the time.


If it looks like it did when it was dug out of the ground,

plucked from a tree or bush, or cut off an animal, then EAT IT!


If it doesn’t then it is almost certainly processed,

and has had all of its goodness, nutrients,

minerals and vitamins stripped from it....

Leaving you with the nutritional value of the packet it came in!



In fact, it it comes in a packet with a sell by date,

it is has had something added to it to keep it fresher for longer.




So make your new year's resolution diet to be like this:


That's it.

Remember, a non toxic body doesn't need fat cells.


A note on long lasting results..


At Zig Zag we take the long view.

In the beginning, yes we need to hone some willpower,  

as making a change from processed to whole foods can be a challenge. 


But ultimately consistency is the key to

achieving long lasting results.

Perfection therefore is not our goal.

Striving to be PERFECTLY IMPERFECT is a main focus at Zig Zag

and an area in which we provide most of our support. 



Here is a New Year starter gift from me to you..

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PS The above two recipes are included in our

Zig Zag Forever Fat loss Cookbook.

A little gem of a book which is a powerful part of the

8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge.

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Be You...but even better. 




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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