Newsletter Vol 31 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


Hey there Zig Zag,


First, I want to say thank you to those who responded to my last email about dieting and fat loss.  I was absolutely blown away by all the amazing feedback and insightful comments. Really means so much to me. THANK YOU!


Next, if you’re a regular reader of Zig Zag “Happier Health”, you know that I talk a lot about the “scarcity mindset” versus the “abundance mindset.” These are two opposing ways of approaching food and dieting.


In the former, we're constantly worried about urgency and exclusivity – we stress:


"Will there be enough food? Better bring some extra! What if this is my last opportunity to try Grandma’s special chocolate torte? Have to have it! This restaurant is known for its homemade flourless chocolate cake. Can’t miss out! What if I get hungry later? Where will the food be? Need to pack extra! Aaaah, gotta get popcorn, it’s the cinema for crying out loud! I never have this!"


In other words, when we operate in the scarcity mindset around food, we're constantly trying to control outcomes. And yes, while there's certainly a degree of preparedness that is useful, when you find yourself constantly stressing about food situations and not being able to trust yourself to be able to make the healthiest choice possible wherever you end up, it could be a good opportunity to pull back and find a way to feel … abundant.


An abundance mindset is simply a mental operating system that is, in my experience, very low stress. It’s the opposite of control.


The abundance mindset is TRUST.


Trusting yourself. Trusting that you can handle any situation that pops up. Trusting that even if there’s not enough, that you can navigate those situations without binging as a result. When you operate with the idea that you can get/have any food at any time of year/day, the urgency to EAT IT ALL RIGHT NOW or EAT THIS SUPER SPECIAL THING THAT I WILL NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO AGAIN, EVER dissipates.


In other words, operating in abundance is freeing. And if you think about it, it’s really the ultimate in control, isn’t it?


I saw a post a few days ago from a fitness instructor and it said something like, “Be sure to get a meal plan together, because if you don’t have a plan, you’ll give in to all those temptations and won't know what to eat!" 


See, THIS is my problem with meal plans. And really the whole dieting industry in general. It keeps us dependent. Needing to be “on a plan” every day of the year stifles your ability to grow and learn, and actually just keeps us dumb. It assumes that we can’t trust ourselves because without a plan, we’ll turn into an overindulging robot.


That is a lie.


And also that mentality keeps us searching out new programs and new "experts" and reading the latest diet books and trying the latest detoxes and cleanses. Nooooooo. No. 


When we stay dependent on meal plans 24/7, we actually train ourselves to, um, NOT think for ourselves, so of course, the second we are off a plan, we don't know what to do.


So here's the thing.


If you don’t give yourself the time and space to navigate the food waters without a  plan, then yes, your scarcity mindset will kick in and you might end up eating everything. But the key is practicing. Trying a new way where you are in charge of you (not a diet or a book or a coach) and moving to an abundance mindset. When you do this, over time you slowly start to understand your metabolism, listen to your body, trust your mind and know what is best for you, regardless of what some arbitrary plan requires you do. No thanks!


And so, my mantra for 2016 is simply another way of saying abundance…


There’s always more where that came from.


I love this phrase and I have been mentally repeating it for the last several months and will continue with it in 2016.


What I’ve found is that this concept doesn’t just apply to nutrition, but to everything: business, success, happiness, clients, ideas, fulfilling relationships, love, opportunities, whatever. I’ve found that when I remind myself that there’s always more where that came from, I never feel like things are finite.


I don’t need to stress when I see a fellow fitness professional killing it because (Not that that’s ever really been my style), it reminds me that there’s enough to go around. Plenty of clients, money, happiness, autonomy, whatever. And you don't need to feel bad when a friend starts losing weight or getting fit, because you know what, if that's your goal, you can too! There's unlimited success available for everyone.


I don’t stress when people rip off my content and pawn it off as their own because you know what, I can come up with new stuff all day long. There are plenty of ideas and solutions that need to be created. 


Your belief system creates your reality. So opportunities are in fact everywhere.


How I choose to perceive the world is actually what shows up in my world.


So, now it’s your turn.


What will 2016 hold for you? What will be that one word or phrase that reminds you of your passion are purpose? What is that word, that when you remember it, will bring you back to your center and balance you? What word or phrase will anchor you to the place you want to be, or that direction you want to move in?


I’ve done this for a few years now. In 2014, my word was ‘Adapt’ and last year, it was ‘Consistent.' Neither years disappointed.


When you find your anchor word for 2016, reply to this email and tell me! I’d love to know what’s important to you and where you are moving next year! Let’s help each other grow and balance.


Have a great first week of 2016!






PS A lovely Zig Zag lady posted this recently about her experience taking part in the Forever Kick Start Challenge....What do you think? 

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