Newsletter Vol 32 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


That's what Sarah told me


had stopped her in the past


from signing up to join us


on our next Forever Kick Start Challenge




She also said


she wasn't sure her fitness was up to it


that she hadn't exercised in a long time


and that she hated running




All things which were stopping her


from taking that first step


to start living in a body that she loves




Sarah said she has 3 stone to lose


And is desperate


to feel good for her holiday in January




She's going on holiday with her boyfriend for the first time


and doesn't want to feel self conscious on the beach




On the outside


everyone thinks Sarah is super confident



She dresses well and always puts on a smile


but underneath Sarah's struggling




She's fed up being the "fat, frumpy one " (her words not mine) 


And is sick of yoyo diets that are getting her nowhere



Sarah is 42


and says she feels like she's living in the body of a 65 year old



She just wants to feel alive


and start loving herself again




Sarah's going to do just that


as she's joining us on our next FREE Taster Week



It kicks off 11th January incase you didn't know :-)




If like Sarah,


you're not loving your body as it is right now


and are sick of feeling this way


you have a choice 



You can choose to stay where you are


in a place that's making you miserable






You can choose to commit to getting great long lasting results


by clicking HERE to join us






If you really want to make a change


to your body shape, lifestyle and fitness


then here's your chance to join Sarah


me and the rest of the Zig Zag ladies





but only if you're ready for change







PS One of our lovely Zig Zag ladies letting us know how FAB she now feels. 

A few days left until we kick off with the next

8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge.

on 11th January. 

This is your last chance to join this small group of unstoppable ladies

and claim your FREE Taster week place 

Are you ready to change?



Be You...but even better. 




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

copyright@2015, all rights reserved