Newsletter Vol 25 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


And over half a stone down

in just 4 weeks



That’s just some of the 'effects'

my clients have noticed since starting

my 8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge


You can jump on board 

As registration is now open for the next

FREE Taster week


CLICK HERE to sign up


Who's this 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge for?


It's for YOU if you're

sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

and so want to feel alive again


It's for YOU if you're 

fed up and frustrated with faddy diets

and just want to feel normal again


It's for YOU if you're

feeling uncomfortable and bloated

and just want to be able to wear nice clothes

instead of having to hide away in dark baggy sweats


What type of foods will you be eating ?


The foods you'll be enjoying are so so tasty

Chilli, Chicken Nuggets (!), Curry, Steak

Mmm mmmm


All the meals are super quick to prepare

and you'll have a brilliant supermarket tour

to trouble shoot in real time your every day purchases


There’s even a recipe for some tasty 'cookie cakes' in there

as well as an 'eating out guide' to help you

when you're socialising with family and friends


What sort of exercise will you be doing? 


Time efficient and effective 

Targeted specifically at raising your metabolism. 

We train together in small women only groups


What about behaviour change? 


How on earth do I do that? 

With our support...

Without a change in your attitude around

food, exercise, stress & time management

Any weight loss gains will be short lived. 


The best bit about our approach is its simplicity, its support

and we look at the long view

You become your own weight management coach

You'll never have to buy an off the shelf faddy diet again


The support you'll get both online and face to face

will really help you stay accountable 

so that you don't throw in the towel

and actually achieve the results you want


We're already half way through January Zig Zag

so you’ve already missed your January start


Before you know it February will have passed

and you'll be kicking yourself for not getting started




You could be at least half a stone lighter


Feel healthier


Feel fitter


Have more zest for life


And feeling amazing for getting started



Allison 'Waiting For You' Harding


PS Claim your complimentary Taster Week place HERE

We keep groups small, so book now. 


Be You...but even better. 




Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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