Newsletter Vol 26 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


Unless you've been on another planet Zig Zag over the last few weeks you would have seen all of the nonsense being churned out…the stuff I don't want to be associated with. 

"You can sleep when you're dead"


"Suck it up now and you wont have to suck it in later…"


“You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe sweat off your face”


“Exercise in black, because it is like a funeral for your fat…”


These above “quotes” are usually accompanied by a picture of a female with an insane physique, but ultimately, one that is completely unachievable by the person reading it.


The real life ladies.  Ones bringing up children, running the house, probably even working too…and successfully navigating their own health fitness and well being tend not to be featured in such glossy headlines...



==> Eat REAL foods, make smart choices most of the time, trust themselves and their process and accept total responsibility for their own results

==> They do unplug from social media and take time out to relax (and recover), rather that worry what everyone else is doing...

==> And they definitely get enough sleep…as much as they can in their circumstances. 

Non of it is sexy, mind blowing, or glossy but their REAL CONSISTENT ACTIONS get them REAL LONG LASTING results. 


So how is your New Year resolution going?


We’ve had three Monday’s this year so far…


How many times have you ‘started again on Monday’?


I hope it hasn’t been all three?!!



v v v v v v v v


I have just opened up registration for the February 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge…


You can try before you buy as we do a full Taster week absolutely FREE.


If you’re a REAL woman who just can’t make your own health, fitness and well being your #1 priority…..




You still want to navigate your way through the weight loss labyrinth….


AND get the long lasting results you deserve


Then you will be a great match for our program.


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16 new ladies who have already joined us this year  


The action takers.


The ones that have started with us already are getting amazing results from their new year resolution…


Better results in the first two weeks of January than the whole of 2015.


I received an email this week from one of our new ladies  


“8lbs down and 5inches banished.....but it is most definitely my improved mood that I really can't thank you enough for....”


That’s just in 14 days.


All the celebrations are well and truly over


What are you waiting for? 


Bye for now


Be You...but even better. 


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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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