Newsletter Vol 27 Jan 2016, Stratford Upon Avon


Let’s face it Zig Zag…


What we really want and hope for when we change our eating and exercise habits is a body that looks different.


So many of us have tried some form of craziness to achieve this too. I know I have.


Some people go on extreme diets, some exercise like crazy people doing more of everything.


More running, more classes, more weights and more of whatever the latest fitness fad is. 


We even buy into half truths and marketing spin about things like, ketones, magic pills, grapefruit diet, cookie diet…


And what do we have to show for our results?


Often nothing.


There was a programme on TV the other night.  You’ll have to look up what it is called, as I was only half watching it, sorry! 


But the programme was about putting people on different types of diets and seeing what results they got.


There were a gazillion flaws in this approach, but it came down to this…


The crazy diets which completely eliminated certain food groups, didn’t take into account the person’s lifestyle and personal preferences. They also took a HUGE amount of WILL POWER to see them through to the end. 


One lady went vegan.  She had issues eating out and found it hard to stick to.  She got very minimal results.


One guy did a volume diet.  He had to choose foods that have fewer calories per bite, but you can eat as much as you like. 


This guy had to prepare everything from scratch, because anything processed is packed full of calories. 


He bust a gut to follow it and at the end of the programme had lost…. Only 2 lbs.


Another guy did the ‘Cookie’ diet. 


All he could eat were these special protein cookies – nine a day and an evening meal.  


He did lose a stone, but said he was constantly starving, miserable, and said his mood swings were off the scale.  He said he’d NEVER do it again… it wasn't worth the misery.


Then there was one lady who went ‘Paleolithic’.  The cave man diet. 


To be truly Paleolithic is actually really hard, because even bacon is off the list because it is salted and cured. Cave men couldn’t do this.  


But ultimately, it is eating REAL foods, the ones that still look like they were cut off the animal, pulled out of the ground or plucked from the tree.


This woman had to eliminate ALL processed foods.


The Zig Zag guidelines to nutrition are very similar. We focus predominantly but not exclusively on whole nutritionally dense foods.


To completely cut out ALL processed foods is too restrictive, and totally unachievable “long term” in my view. We live in a convenient world, and we need to learn to thrive in it REALISTICALLY.

This is why we do a fabulous Supermarket Tour as a part of the 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge. This is a great opportunity for ladies to trouble shoot, in real time and find less processed alternatives to foods that may be sabotaging their best efforts.

An enjoyable and personal part of the process. WILL POWER is no longer needed as ladies learn to enjoy what they eat whilst thriving in the chaos of life #LeanIntoReal



Oh, and going back to the program…I wish I knew what it was called!...any ideas??


Guess what, the lady in the program got the best results out of all the people on the experiment, was the happiest, and look the best by a mile. 


She lost well over a stone and didn’t look grey, gaunt and tired at the end of it.


And she said she could easily stick to it.


… no rocket science.


…no quick fix.


…no manufactured ‘cookies’ or other branded processed products.



And she got great results.


Fancy that!






If you tried something a little bit crazier and more extreme as your New Year resolution……


How are you feeling? 


Great Mood? 


Bouncing with energy? 


Feeling slim and comfortable in your clothes?


If not, then ask yourself why not...


Is it because you’re NOT giving your body what it needs to function properly…




Now I know there are no celebrities advertising “Eat real food and get results like me…”.


That’s terrible marketing!


But do you really think Alesia Dixon used Weight Watchers last year, or Kimberly Walsh is really following Slim Fast at the moment?


And I’d bet you A LOT of money David Beckham doesn’t wake up every morning and drink a Hebalife shake!



I bet they all DO eat real foods though…


And that is exactly what you’ll be doing in February when you join the 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge 

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And you will never have to go on another diet again.


Because you will realise that eating real foods works! 


Simple as that.




Be You...but even better. 


P.S.  This programme will give you the freedom to EAT MORE and EXERCISE LESS...


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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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