Newsletter Vol. 5 April 2015

Remember those days when you didn't have a care in the world?! 



Everything in life these days is so analysed.


My Mum used to say "Don't stress about the small stuff".


I do smile to myself when ladies worry about whether they should eat 2000 or 2500 kcals a day? 


Can I eat more on a Wednesday?


Is 'skinny' good for me or not?


Does fruit make me fat?


Is this workout High Intensity Training or Steady State Cardio?


Which is the best workout for me?


Is a 1 or 2 degree incline on the treadmill best?


Is dropping a stone in 28 days too quick? 


Does a broken biscuit count towards my daily intake?!!





Is any of this even relevant if you haven't got the BASICS right? 


What difference does the incline make if you are still drinking four glasses of wine a night?


What's the point of going skinny in your coffee to then use it to wash down a slice of cake 'because one won't hurt...'


Who cares if you're doing interval training or cardio if the truth is you only managed to get the class once last month 'because you were too busy counting calories'!!


And if you were good and trained six times last week, but ate rubbish for seven days...


You cannot out train a bad diet.



Here's the deal:


EAT REAL FOOD.  Not process junk food with no nutritional value. 

Decide what it is you want! - Don't just start the next "craze" because it's worked for your friend




DO EFFECTIVE TIME EFFICIENT TRAINING. To get results it doesn't have to take over your life!


BE ACCOUNTABLE TO SOMEONE. Doing it on your own is giving yourself permission to fail. 


SEEK ADVICE. You might be a brilliant Marketing Account Manager, a CEO, a fabulous Multi Tasking Mum, a Chef.....this DOESN'T make you an authority in health and fitness.  Do you do your own car MOT?


Take it back to basics... 


Once you've 'nailed' clean eating. Found an effective and time efficient way to exercise. And CONSISTENTLY taken massive ACTION on the first 2 , only THEN can you start stressing about exercise days, counting calories, how many scoops of protein, Intermittent Fasting, macro nutrients...


That's why Zig Zag's Forever 8 Week Kick Start Challenge is SIMPLE. No nonsense.

Go back to BASICS


You might just enjoy the freedom from your current paralysis by analysis!


And find you have reduced bloating.


And more energy.


And better mental clarity.


And feeling a bit less stressed!

My last 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge (before the Summer Break) Kicks off w/c 4th May. Not advertised it yet but only have 3 slots left. Want one? 


See you soon


"Basically" Yours



Zig Zag - Women's Fitness & Motivation 


PS Here's the link to book your FREE Taster Week