Newsletter Vol 11 September 2015


Bloated , tired and sick of feeling like rubbish



It's okay though, it’s Monday




And this week’s going to be different


It's not only Monday


But  a Monday that's soooo close to September


Another chance to start "a fresh!"


You're committed to putting an end to those bingefests


where no matter what you eat you're never satisfied


and you're always left looking for something else





You're committed to getting up


and doing some sort of exercise


You're committed to finally losing that weight


that seems to have crept on around your middle


and has stolen away your body confidence 



You're committed to being in control


and not letting your emotions get in the way


  • You're Prepared


  • You're Focused


  • You're Committed


  • And You're Ready To GET On IT This Week



Just Like You Were Last Week......


And the week before that....



>>>>> And The Week Before That <<<<



Why is it that you start off the week


with every intention of achieving your goal


but never really get past the starting blocks??


>>> Despite wanting it so bad it hurts <<<



Why is it that in your work place


you can achieve everything that you set out to do


Yet when to comes to looking after yourself


you self sabotage at every corner?



Why is it that you find yourself


eating a whole packet of biscuits


when you know that it's not what you really want?



I'll tell you why


And it's not what you think Zig Zag



It has absolutely nothing to do with willpower or being weak


and everything to do with


Your Limiting Self Beliefs


Your unconscious mind is telling you


'I'm never going to be able to do this'


'I just can’t commit'


'I don't have the TIME’


'I’m just too busy’


And it's stopping you


Not just from living in a body that you love


but from living every day according to your VALUES


Instead of creating the life that you want


and having an abundance of joy and happiness


You're stuck with a victim mentality 


that you don't deserve it right now



It's your internal game that’s stopping you


from moving forward and getting what you really want


With your health,  well being


and with your body


When you start to question your internal game


you'll discover so much more about yourself


and you'll be able to love yourself again


^^^ THIS is key to achieving your goals ^^^


The internal game and how to win it


is something we delve into


throughout my 8 week Forever Kick Start Challenge


It's time to stop wishing


and start living in a body that you love


Because YOU are worth it!


Allison 'Upped My Game' Harding





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