Newsletter Vol 8 July 2015


It suddenly feels to me like summer is here...



And summer means plenty of time to socialise, eat out, drink more and generally blow all of the hard work you put in all year!


Many of my Forever Kick Start ladies cite eating out/eating “on the go” as one of the biggest challenges they face when trying to eat and drink to aid their fat loss efforts.


I totally get it.


There's huge temptation.


Often poor choices of food.


You don't want to be socially awkward by being picky or having to say no.


Also there is nothing worse than telling someone you are 'on a diet'.  

You immediately come across as BORING and dull!   



I  LOVE eating out and I really have to rein myself in.


Unless there’s Apple Crumble for dessert. Then all bets are off. I just cannot resist it.


Here are a few rules to play by for eating out this weekend, for the rest of the summer, and if you learn them well, they'll set you up for any time you are going out.



The 80:20 'Cheat Meal' Rule



One of the most successful rules we use at Zig Zag is the 80:20 rule.  I wont tell you this today as it takes a small bit of planning and this is best done on a Sunday. 


I'll save this for another email.



The below information, however, you can use straight away, tonight or over the weekend.



Social Eating Survival Guide


If you’re out for a celebration/party/special occasion - just go for it 100%. 

Don't be boring!  

Yes, I am saying “eat rubbish”.  Honestly, life is WAY TO SHORT to miss out on your birthday or that of a loved one, for example.


But if you’re just out socially, it doesn't have to be a complete fat fest! 


Follow these rules and you'll avoid piling on the lbs.


Just Ask:

If you’re eating at a restaurant, almost all of them will give you extra veggies instead of side dishes like bad fat laden chips.   Just ask.   Feel the fear… and do it anyway! I do it all the time.


Don’t go anywhere completely starving: 

If you know you’re going to be eating out for a meal, try to arrive having already eaten something healthy that day.  Get the greens in.   That way you won’t be too prone to piling into high-calorie restaurant/pub or buffet foods.


Choose the least worst option:  

The bad news about eating out is that there is an overabundance of high-carb foods that will cause major problems for insulin health and body composition (e.g . fat storage!) 


To deal with this, choose the least worst option.  


Fill up on protein-rich foods, and eliminate or minimise high-carb choices as much as possible. 


For example, if you’re at a buffet, employ the least worst option method, opt for eating veggie nibble FIRST.  These will fill you up and reduce your hunger, so you will be less likely to gorge on the high carb, high calorie, bad fats options.  


Also, position yourself away from temptation.  Try not to sit or stand near the buffet or food.


Drink a glass of water before you arrive:  

Before you leave the house or the office, drink a large glass of water and this will fill you up and curb your appetite for when you arrive, meaning you will eat less rubbish! 


If you can’t get a large glass of water in before you arrive, order one with your first drink and drink it before you touch your alcoholic drink!


Don’t drink your calories:

Drinking calories will never satisfy hunger but it will lead to fat storage!   Opt for a clear/white spirits over dark (there is a lot less sugar in white spirits) and mix it with a tonic or soda water. 


Avoid mixing with coke, diet coke or orange juice. These are full of sugar and calories.  It is also easier to drink spirits and a mixer than a glass of wine or beer.


Wine for dessert:  

When other people are indulging in very high calorie dessert (like ME!), skip the dessert and instead opt for a glass of wine or another drink. This way you won’t get peer pressured into having a 700-calorie dessert, but instead you can get away with 200 calories or so with a glass of wine…another advantage to this technique is that it’s more socially acceptable to leave behind a few sips of wine compared to a few bites of dessert!


Split dessert with somebody: 

This way you will only have half the calories!



Stick to these rules and you won't go too far wrong when eating out.


Your Perfectly “Imperfect” Plan

Bye for now


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