Newsletter Vol 9 July 2015


Has the screaming has stopped Zig Zag?


What started, as an unusual addition to the game by one player, seems to be catching? Is it just me or are ALL female tennis players now screaming their heads off every time they get anywhere near the ball?


Yes, Wimbledon’s back! 




I’m brutally patriotic at this time of year and love a bit of Murray Mania!


Love him or hate him, one thing that fascinates me is the story you hear every year about Andy Murray.


Admittedly, he can come across as miserable from time to time, but he’s not paid to be as personable as Ant & Dec, he’s paid to WIN.


He’s also the best British tennis player EVER, so I never understand why people knock him.


I had to grow up with Jeremy Bates being wheeled out every year for a first round exit. 


But he was such a nice chap, wasn't he?


Anyway, the story about Andy that is told every year…


After year and years of producing very mediocre tennis players, Andy broke the mould.


He now competes with the best in the world. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer.


What did he do differently?


He changed the PLAN…


British Tennis couldn’t produce a world class player.


RESULTS are always the evidence as to whether something is working or not, REGARDLESS of personal opinions.


Results are the bottom line. The only barometer of success. 


Andy decided NOT to do what everyone else did, and follow the crowd.


He moved to Spain when he was 15 years old to train at an academy just outside Barcelona.


The rest, as they say, is history.


And still today he doesn’t follow the crowd. Many of the players on tour have now gone gluten free, lactose free, because a dietician has told them that it will improve their performance. Andy tried it. It didn’t work for him. He dumped it. I like that. Not just because he was a diet “rebel”, but he realised it wasn't working and therefore changed it. He made his own rules. 


Two times Grand Slam Winner…and who knows maybe three?!


The lesson for you? 


If something is CLEARLY not working for you and you’re NOT getting the results you genuinely want, you have to break the mould.


Do something different.


Maybe the Zumba class you go to with your friend is social and fun, but if you crave a flatter stomach that you don’t have to hold in to get your jeans on, find something that IS PRODUCING these results.


And find something that has proven to work for people like you.  


If you're friend has been a skinny Twiglet her entire life, and you haven't, then you are probably not going to want to do what she does...




Registration is now open for the next 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge, and as they say on the Lottery



You have got to be in it to win it! 



It’s a different approach.


No quick fix here.

No empty promises,

just REAL fat loss education,

REAL time efficient and effective exercise

REAL support to help you handle all the messiness of being a busy modern day woman yet still get the results you want.  


Remember, you have to BREAK THE MOULD if you want to see different results, just like misery guts did...





He’s on court right now and I think I saw him smile?



Be different. Take back control for good!


Allison x