Newsletter Vol 10 July 2015

I’ve just returned from France. One of my highlights was visiting the local patisserie for a daily coffee and a taste of their gorgeous pastries


Anyway, I got into the habit of taking a bite or two of various pastries to try them and then enjoy my coffee and the surrounding environment, people watching and trying to pick up on various French conversations amongst locals. It became my enjoyable morning ritual with my youngest whilst the older two were still snoozing!


But it struck me that years ago, I had only 2 speeds when it came to this scenario:


I would either completely abstain from any carbs/sugar/treats because I was “being good” and white-knuckle my way from meal to meal, trying to hang on to a sliver of willpower for as long as possible. OR, I would deem myself “off” and in “holiday mode” and I’d devour every last bite of pastry. “Get your own, Dan!”


I had no in-between speeds.


I’d consider moderation to be some kind of failure, and I’d scoff if someone told me to have a couple bites and leave the rest. Were they insane??


I hear people in the fitness industry say things like “go back to basics” and “just eat simply” and “mindful eating.” And for me, right now where I am , I get that. It makes sense. I can see the usefullness of a balanced “simple” approach.


But had you told me to “go back to basics” when I was in the middle of my eating neuroses, reading about the latest programs and plans celebs were following, buying all the latest diet books I would have laughed in your face. I wouldn’t have been able to hear it. Back to basics? What's that?!


I would have considered that too soft, or weak, or not good enough.


See, I believe the fitness and nutrition process is a bell-shaped curve of INFORMATION and COMPLICATION.


When you first start out, you know nothing and don’t even really care to know much. You hear your mates talking about the latest “quick Fix”, excitedly buy it and get on it.


But then, something happens and you get a taste.


You start seeing that with food, you can literally change your body. How empowering! You start getting more and more interested, you can’t get your hands on enough information! You see that there are infinite ways to eat and you just want to find THE PERFECT WAY to eat and exercise. It’s like a puzzle that needs to be solved. So you read more and more. You can’t get enough.


This represents the top of the bell-shaped curve of information. You need it. You crave it. You love it! I don’t blame you. A thirst for information is always an amazing, empowering thing.


But over time, something starts to happen.


Information overload. And you start to see that you're having a hard time implementing all that you're learning. For a while, you're trying new plan after new plan. You experiment with new diets and programs. And while it’s exciting and novel … at some point, you realize you are spinning your wheels. Sure, you’ve had some wins and you’ve acquired a load of knowledge but you finally start to see that it’s all just too complicated.


Information overload leads to implementation paralysis.


You get so worried you’re going to mess up, do the wrong thing. Every nutrition and exercise choice seems huge and important. Every decision feels like it will have this huge impact, everything gets magnified.


This can become a mental prison.


You may have been there in the past Zig Zag, like me? You might currently be there?


Either way, eventually, in my experience, you reach a point that the idea of “back to basics” and “balance” and “moderation” becomes appealing because honestly, it’s just too mentally draining to try to do it all, do it all perfectly, and the remorse hangover you experience for when you inevitably can’t do it all perfectly becomes too great.


This is the other side of the bell-shaped curve.


It’s this weird place where you're actually further along in your process, but you're okay with it all being a little less complicated, kind of how it was in the beginning. You start to search out simplicity. You want to throw yourself a bone.


You want every decision to not be such a big deal. You want easy. You want to be able to have a couple bites of a pastry and not feel like you are going to gain 5 kgs.


And so, in a way, you really are back to basics. But the key here is that you’ve had the experience.


It’s at this point that a lot of ladies find themselves signing up for the Forever Kick Start Challenge. Perhaps you will too? Looking for a more effortless, enjoyable and effective way to take back control of their weight FOR GOOD.


I get women asking me all the time if they should do this or that diet plan. And I tell them they should do it, if they think it'll work for them. Why?


Because I believe every single person deserves the full experience.


Whatever that looks like.


I could certainly make it my mission in life to make sure no woman ever goes through the Zig Zags I did with regards to my nutrition and exercise. But other people’s experiences are not my business. I can certainly share what I did, what happened, the lessons I learned, and I do all the time.


But I would never deny someone her own experience. Each woman deserves to earn her own set of lessons. That’s the magic of doing. Of TAKING ACTION. You get the good with the bad. It’s transformative, it’s perfectly imperfect


And so. Where are you with regards to your health,  fitness and well being?


Remember, as always, there is no “good” or “bad” to any of this. The process is amazing, and I would never judge another for the way she does things. I have my own set of experiences and I treasure them. And I wish the same for you ;)


Until next time..




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