Newsletter Vol 11 July 2015

Are you looking forward to a break? 

You've been focused over the last few weeks on your eating and exercise and feel a little better about getting the shorts ,strappy dresses and sandals on. Perhaps even baring some flesh?

What happens next?


Do you get into holiday mode? Why not? you've worked hard for this break all year and you deserve it. 2 full weeks of R&R. Doing, eating & drinking exactly what you want. I get that. I truly do. It's IMPORTANT!


Fast forward...


You return, tanned? relaxed? smiling? invigorated? Ready to drive forwards?


You get dressed for work? Put your jeans on for the first time in 2 weeks ( because of course it's raining back home) and BOOM! you're happy smile fads as you struggle to do up the zipper. Back to reality. BACK in DIET MODE! 




Another way ?


I'm not saying deprive yourself of having a great time on your holiday. But perhaps look for opportunities where you could be a bit more mindful about your consumption. 


Let's start with the journey?

Potential weight gain and feeling sluggish doesn’t have to be a part of your travel plans. As we all know, eating healthy on the road can be a challenge. It's easy to load up on the food that's easily accessible. This can lead to potential weight gain, sluggishness, and detriment to our bodies & minds. 

So ultimately it will take a bit of pre-travel preparation on your part to make things a bit easier, which is absolutely worth it.

Here are a few suggestions. 

It truly starts with planning! If you're prepared you won’t be at the mercy of airplane meals or roadside food services. Packing a variety of snacks that easily transport can be as easy as packing all of your other belongings.

Snacks to include
Nuts and Dried fruits
Healthy Meal Replacement Shake
Good nutritious bars with clean ingredients
Bananas, oranges, nectarines, and fruits that have an outer layer that protects the inner food.

Eat a healthy filling meal like a salad with lots of vegetables and some protein, or a vegetable wrap prior to your travel, so it can carry you for a bit longer.

When eating in restaurants be sure to look for the best option available. A health conscious salad, grilled lean meats and vegetable options.

Be sure to drink plenty of clean water while traveling. Your body needs the additional fluids to stay hydrated and properly digest the foods when it's out of your ordinary nutrition consumption.

You don't have to be PERFECT. That will just keep you struggling. BUT why consume empty TASTELESS calories on aeroplanes, trains, in service stations? Wait until you arrive at your destination and ENJOY your meals/celebrations GUILT FREE. 

More about that in my next email....

Until then




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