Newsletter Vol 11 August 2015

It can only mean one thing.....




The Great British Bake Off Is Back!






Did you watch it last night Zig Zag?



I absolutely love Mel and Sue





They're a little bit of tongue in cheek naughtiness



sandwiched in between the judges



Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood






I nearly choked when Mel said



'I can't wait to romp in your forest'



to one of the male contestants






If you've never seen it



it's a cooking competition



where 12 people 'bake it out'





It's one of those shows where



you know that they will make epic fails



and mess everything up





Which lets face it is kind of funny to watch :-)



I'm all for getting people cooking 



as I really believe it's a something thats dying out






SO many people (especially kids)



don't know the basics  when it comes to food preparation 





I'm sure it's one of the reason's



people reach for ready made food



That and it's convenient



and doesn't take too long to prepare






But it's also a huge factor



into why we have such an obesity problem



and something that needs addressing






Cooking healthy meals doesn't have to take long



and it really isn't that difficult either



provided you know the basics



and have a few healthy recipes to hand





Zig Zag's Forever Fat Loss Cook Book includes plenty of these and is an integral part of the Forever Kick Start Challenge. 




It contains a whole bunch of healthy recipes



that are simple to follow and that taste amazing. 

There's even a Snacks n Treats section



where you can get the kids involved in baking



so that they see food is actually made in the kitchen



and not something thats rushed up from the supermarket

Here's a little chocolate treat for you CLICK HERE. A real favourite with everyone in my house. ENJOY!





Until next time..




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