Newsletter Vol 14 September 2015


Can you believe we're steam rolling into Autumn


and saying goodbye to the summer months Zig Zag



For myself and my clients


it's the perfect time to reflect


on what we've achieved so far this year




Its also the perfect time to hit the reset button


and map out the next 60 days goals





I'm a huge believer that in order to get a result


in any area of your life 


you have to be held accountable


to someone 'other than yourself'





Only the other day in our “Graduate Group Coaching “


We discussed exactly what each of us was going to achieve


With our work/ life balance, nutrition choices, and


with our body in the next 60 days




We drilled it down and documented all of it


without which we'd have just been making 


the rules up as we go




This also means that when we show up in our


“Closed Face book Member’s Lounge”


we are committed to standing in our truth


rather than making the same old excuses 


that people make day in day out







All the goal setting and planning in the world


will never take you closer to your goals


unless you take TAKE ACTION




If weight loss is your goal 


then I'd have you consider getting some form of accountability 



Along with  a plan of ACTION 


to make sure you actually get closer to your target


rather than further away 



And that’s exactly what you'll get when you join us at Zig Zag!

That's one of the ways we are soooo different


from all those other programs, diets, lotions, potions , 


pills you've tried



You'll get a plan of ACTION



in the form of a simple nutrition guideline


that won't bore you to death with beige dead foods


and that can easily fit in with your day to day life




You'll have ACCOUNTABILITY to show up


to 2 x 40 minute training sessions a week


that will help boost your metabolism 


and allow your body to burn off fat more effectively



You’ll also have DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY to take part


In the member’s lounge, celebrate your WINS


And review, adapt and learn from your CHALLENGES


In a supportive, non judgmental environment





A whole host of other tools to support you


throughout your 8 Weeks and beyond




Ready to take ACTION?


Then here's the link to make your application





Maybe you're not a 'planner'


and prefer to leave things to chance


To go with the flow so to speak



How's that been working out for you so far? 




CLICK HERE to join our FREE Taster Week


But ONLY if you're ready to make some changes




Allison 'Eyes On The Prize' Harding



P.S Nothing here today, but thanks for looking!