Newsletter Vol 18 November 2015


Hey Zig Zag,


You know who I'm talking about.


* That new mum rocking the yoga pants, driving the fancy SUV...

* That wonder woman kicking life in the butt, firing on all cylinders...

* Those 'fit couples' who seem to 'have it all together'...


Some days it feels like Everyone Else is doing better. They can

handle their lives. Hard stuff seems effortless. Everything's

going right for them and the future seems bright.


But I've got a little secret for you ... they're struggling too.


Fitness, nutrition, and life get easier when we realise this!


You see, the world is full of imperfect, wonderful, messy,

very-much-human beings with...


...hopes and fears and desires and neuroses,

...and jobs and lives and kids and dogs or cats,

...and family demands,

...and toilets that need unclogging,

...and lines-becoming-wrinkles,

...and alarms that go off too early,

...and a love of chocolate-chip cookies,

...and all the rest of reality.


Like you.


Like me.


Which means that Everyone is NOT okay. But it also means that

Everyone is probably GOING TO BE okay.


That's why I love what I do.


Helping ladies who have a lot of “life in their lives” to THRIVE with IMPERFECTION!


Speaking of IMPERFECTION. Sometimes we just need a little help to feel fabulous for that special Christmas event. Perhaps you haven't been as consistent with your eating and exercise as you would have liked to be due to the business of life?

Well here is a suuuper simple solution for you.

3 Day Christmas De-Bloat


This is not a weight loss system and it's not meant to be followed forever. It's a simple tight nutrition plan, plus an intense exercise routine requiring you harness your willpower and focus for a couple days. It's not meant to serve as a sustainable eating regimen but instead to help you shed the water that you might have gained as a result of a binge-y weekend or vacation, etc.

For a more sustainable approach I will be taking you through my MOCA nutritional formula. It will open your eyes to exactly HOW you can put together your very own effortless, enjoyable and effective weight loss program AND hang on to those results FOREVER.

Remember if your approach is too depriving ( like the plans we throw ourselves at in the New Year), you won't be able to do it long-term and any results you get will be short-lived! 

CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy


It's full of interesting ways to be your best -- right now -- in your

own imperfect, messy, wonderful life.


If you've ever struggled with health, fitness, or nutrition, this

Little download and my MOCA nutrition approach is a must read.


Enjoy my "pre" Christmas Pressie


Allison x


PS Here's that link again: saves you scrolling up!






Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach