Newsletter Vol 19 Nov 2015


So I LOVE Facebook Zig Zag…. And I LOATHE it is equal measures.


Right now, I have my Zig Zag ladies supporting each other, asking questions, posting pictures of their meals – to help others… but NOT publicly!


It’s a private group, serving a very specific purpose as we go through the programme. 


Why I LOATHE Facebook


There is nothing worse than a Gym Bunny posing and taking a picture of their lunch…


Boiled chicken and broccoli in Tupperware.


And even worse, the Sunday night picture of ALL 7 of their lunches for the week…


Chicken and broccoli every day.


Saying to prospective clients..”Come and enter my wonderful fitness world…be like me and all you troubles will be over!”


Maybe that’s just my wall?!



That’s why I EMAIL 


To connect with you DIRECTLY.


More about that in a minute…



Here’s the thing:


===> Ladies visit GOOGLE to make a decision.


===> Ladies go to FACEBOOK to AVOID making decisions…



Read that again



Here are some stats from Facebook HQ:


  • Average time spent on Facebook per user per day is 40+ minutes
  • On average 20% of ALL online time is now spent on Facebook.
  • Over 1500 posts appear on users feeds each day…
  • The average time spent of Facebook per user per month is now 8.3 hours



That is a whole day’s work!



And then these same ladies tell me they can’t commit the time to do a 20 minute workout even once a week, or cook a simple home made curry.




So back to why I email…


At Zig Zag Women’s Fitness & Motivation I train ladies who have a lot of "life in their lives".


Who just can’t make their own health & fitness their #1 priority in their life.


But want to find a way through the fitness confusion and


step off the merry-go-round of depriving and binging in an attempt to get and stay in shape.


Right now, I don’t even know if you are a good fit for me?


BUT the fact you're here is a GOOD sign.


And through my emails, you can get to know me and decide whether Zig Zag is a good fit for you.


So, WHEN you do join our program you feel like you already know me.


You know who I am and what Zig Zag stands for.


You know that I not only talk the talk, I have clients walking the walk too.


Unlike so many Personal trainers out there I don’t claim to have the perfect “life”


How life is all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns trotting by…


That’s rubbish. It’s not helpful.


My life isn’t like that.


I'm NOT perfect and have the same struggles as anyone else.


My current one is trying to fit in my own training around running my business and having a quality home life with my husband and 3 children


So when you are ready to deal with your barriers


To take responsibility for where you are in life


And ADMITT that something needs to change


And want to TAKE ACTION that will make a huge difference to:


  • Your HEALTH
  • Your relationships
  • Your LIFE



You can hit the sign up now button knowing the I GET YOU and understand:


==> How time starved you are.

==> How tired you are all the time.

==> How you’d love to be able to take an hour back for yourself once in a while.


My next FREE Taster week isn’t available right now. But you can


get on the January pre notification list.


Just CLICK HERE and follow the link to Taster Week.


Bye for now!


(Off to try and make friends with Face Book!)




PS Here's that link again CLICK HERE








Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach