Newsletter Vol 20 Nov 2015


And RELAX...


Exactly what I said to a client the other day


She’d had a chaotic few days


Culminating in a stay in hospital!


In isolation, in a darkened room.  Scary stuff.


For the first three days they were treating her for meningitis.


Luckily, it wasn't meningitis. Her discharge note said "Meningitis like viral infection'.


All I can tell you is she wasn't well... but she is better now, thank goodness. 


One of the things that the nurse had said was that when she arrived she was dehydrated to a level equivalent to having been lost in the desert for two days without any water...




According to the nurse, they see this a lot.


This isn't that uncommon in time starved, super busy, tired, stressed mums.


That’s scary, right?


So today, I just wanted to revisit a subject I bang on about ALL the time:




How many glasses of water have your drank today?  


No... not including your tea, coffee and other drinks?


Just pure water? 


It should have been 2-3 litres.


It is SUPER important for your health...


A dehydrated body WILL NOT GIVE UP body fat…ever! 


It will hold onto it as a defence mechanism.


You should actually shoot for 3 litres A DAY…  


It will be hard at first, but once you get used to it, it will feel normal.                  


Yes, you will need to pee a lot more.  


That is what normal should be too.




A hydrated body will BOOST:

  • Your energy levels
  • Your mood
  • Your mental clarity
  • Your skin, hair and nail quality

A hydrated body will:

  • Make it easier to absorb nutrients from food.  Lack of nutrients causes cravings…
  • Help you lose weight, being hydrated boosts your metabolism, so start getting it in early in the day.
  • Allow your skin to glow by purging toxins to the blood which keeps skin and hair glowing, clean and clear.


Yes, all this just from drinking more water.


***There is nothing more important for your body than than hydrating immediately when you wake***



Top Tips: 


Buy a 1.5ltr bottle and drink it, REFILL IT and drink it again.  Don't let it leave your side until it is finished.


Add lemons or lemon juice to the bottle for taste. 


That's it.


P.S. How confident are you that you can do this?

I know how tricky it is

I get it

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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach