Newsletter Vol 26.1 Dec 2015, Stratford Upon Avon


Earlier this week Zig Zag there was a big article in all the papers about Obesity being the ‘biggest threat to woman’s health’ in England.


I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon straight away


I let it sink in for a day or so and then offer my thoughts…


The article had these stats:


In England in 2013, 56.4% of women aged 34-44 and 62% of women aged 45-54 were classified as overweight or obese.


The TOTAL irony here is that the people in the country that can help these ladies the most is us…






There are some really depressing stats about the state of the industry I love.


Most personal trainers are struggling to make money and get clients.


Most leave the industry with 18 months of qualifying.




Because most people look for the quick fix. Desperate for fast results.


Slimfast, Herbalife, Juice Plus, Weight Watchers, fat loss pills, Forever Living….


And also because Personal Trainers can be REALLY scary!


Many are intimidating too, as are big gyms packed full of equipment you have no idea how to use?



Why am I telling you this?


Because in a couple of weeks, millions of ladies in the UK will have picked their ‘weapon’ of choice for their New Year resolution…


92% of them will fail.


And as we learned from the article 56.4% of women aged 34-44 are obese or overweight. 62% in the over 45s.


So therefore I put it to you that famous diets, celebrity fitness DVDs, gym membership and all the other fads just don’t work.


The probability of what you choose this year ACTUALLY working seems to be pretty low…


Unless you pick wisely, and go for someone who has put their heart and sole and many years into learning about human biology, physiology, advanced nutritional guidelines, motivation, accountability and a lot more.


But of course this comes at a cost and it will be a journey you go on with the trainer or the group you train with.


THAT is how you'll achieve success in 2016.


In your area there will almost certainly be many Personal Trainers who would love to help you this year.



But do yourself a massive favour this year and don’t suffer from SOS - shiny object syndrome and chase the latest trend, and don’t pick a ‘quick fix’…   


Go and do your research now.  


Why now?


There is a very interesting theory in that...


Successful resolutions begin long before 1st January, in what some researchers call the "contemplation phase." That's the period when you develop an attainable goal and the confidence that you can stick with it even if you slip occasionally – which you will!



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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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