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I caught myself saying something the other day that made me want to sit myself down and have a chat!


I said to someone “I didn’t have time to exercise today…”

it really annoys me, but YES, I said it to someone! 


Mainly because I had planned my day shockingly.


v v v v v v


Now, don’t panic, I am not going to go all ‘Fitness Motivational Guru’ on you and tell you:


‘You sleep for 8 hours and work for 8 hours, so that gives you 8 hours to workout and get the body you want…so what’s your excuse?’


That sort of comment is just not helpful and you see it on Facebook all the time don’t you?


v v v v v






School Run.  






I get it…I’m with you


With the best will in the world, sometimes fitting in regular exercise can be a real struggle after all your other responsibilities.  


It's no use us fitness people banging on about how you should take control of your own health, eat perfectly 100% of the time, and take time out to find yourself through yoga and pilates… and positive affirmation.  




I totally understand how your lives roll out each day.  


So what can you do to stay on the fitness bandwagon when your 9 to 5 is really a 6am – 10pm….


  1. The first thing to do is to stop being so ‘busy’ and be more ‘productive’. I am talking about the way you train, exercise and eat here.


The classic example of a 'busy' person’s day is:

  • Plan your exercise for the day on the basis that 'more must be better'
  • Create the illusion of progress because you did 60 minutes of ‘cardio’…
  • Mess about on Facebook for a while liking your sister in law's new dress and other pointless posts about drunk aardvarks.
  • Pick a quick and easy to cook ‘diet’ and ‘0% fat’ processed meal in packet, because it must be healthy.
  • Lather, rinse and repeat tomorrow.
  • Do this over and over again and then wonder why you aren’t getting the results for all of your hard work?
  • Get frustrated and decide it's not worth the effort and eat some cake.


The way to become more 'productive' is...


Find a way to incorporate more activity into your day.   


This doesn't mean having to get your lycras on and start running intervals up and down the office stairs (meaning you then have to shower, dry your hair, redo your make up.. etc).


Doing a short sharp 20 minute body weight workout before work, or after work (it doesn't matter when, just do it!). <=== A mini body weight workout is best the way to drop body fat fast.  


There is a workout example of this for you at the bottom of the email.


Two or three QUALITY (not quantity) sessions per week, combined with general daily activity and a good diet of mostly real foods, is enough to keep most people in good shape.


Food prep wise, use half an hour of your ‘Facebook time’ to chop up a bunch of veg and cook some lean meat to prepare a dinner made of REAL foods packed full of vitamins and minerals and everything else your body wants and needs to keep it lean and prevent fat storage.


If you had a spare hour at the weekend, you can batch cook and divide up to take to work for lunch, or just have to eat at home for lunch during the week.  


It takes no longer to heat this food than make a sandwich… probably less time.


Or, this is perfect for when you get in from work hungry and want something hearty and warm to fill you up!


Here are two of the favourite recipes that we use on the 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge both perfect for batch cooking.



Dill & Caper Salmon Burgers


Chilli con Cauli - you can see this one has been well used in my house!!!!





Here is you no-nonsense QUALITY, not quantity workout:


Tomorrow I will be  “talking”  to you…yes literally, you will see my lips move about our highly effective and time efficient program. You’ll also be able to SEE some of the ladies in action!


That’s for tomorrow though..



Bye for now




Be You...but even better. 


P.S.  Our 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge will give you the freedom to EAT MORE and EXERCISE LESS...and provide all the support you need. 


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Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

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