Newsletter March 2016, Stratford Upon Avon

"What If......"


I used to be so bad at this

In fact, who am I kidding? I can still be really bad at this at times

In fact, over the last month I have been REALLY bad at this 


>Not getting started for fear of failing<

and using the 'What If' card as an excuse


You see I’m changing my sales and marketing strategy…and yes, I’m concerned.

Social Media (mostly Face Book) has had a lot of my time over the last year.

And I’ve come to realize that the ladies who really want my help are in fact not in those "noisy rooms"


Facebook's great for keeping in touch, looking at each others pictures, swapping funny postcards and videos.....

I use it a lot for nutrition coaching with my Zig Zag Graduate and Kick Start Groups.

But these are private groups and they’re a great way to keep in touch with their progress

and trouble shoot in the moment.


But is social Media a great platform if you're looking for someone to help you get started

with making some significant changes to your health, fitness and over all well being?  


It’s all quick, small snippets & instant gratification. One minute you’re reading a post about

mindfulness. The next watching 2 cute otters floating down a river (have you seen that one too? )

Then you’re trying to work out if you’re a math’s genius. Then peels of laughter as you watch

your friend enjoying herself a little too much last Saturday night ……

All distractions.... sucking your time and energy. I'm not judging anyone here. I do it too.

And sometimes it's good just to switch off an be mindless isn't it? 

But the stuff I’m really passionate about helping you with is very REAL

Discovering what's really been holding you back.... from living the life you want in the body you deserve


What’s really stopping you from achieving that healthy strong body and mind you really want?

I can’t help you in 50 words posted on Face Book...that's just more INFORMATION. AND you have loads of that!


Last week I held a number of small coaching groups for the Zig Zag ladies.

They were refocusing their attention on what it is they really wanted and why it was so important to them? 


One answer stuck in my mind


>" I want to be invincible. Rather than invisible” <

Wow...don't we all? Really? Wouldn't that be brilliant? To feel that no matter what, you could cope and even thrive? 


Do you think I could help her achieve that from cutting her calories for a week or two and attending a

few classes?


This stuff takes time, patience, clarity, mess ups and buckets full of support. Not just from me but the rest of the group. 


And that’s the part that I love.... not in a mushy way...but a "let's get down to business way!"


I’m going to be up front with you Zig Zag

You’re on my mailing list. At some point you must have expressed an interest in

what we do at Zig Zag Women’s Fitness and Motivation.


Perhaps it was the Taster Week or the Free Download?

Perhaps you just didn’t feel ready to commit?

Perhaps you still don’t?

But that’s ok

I am of course hoping that at some point in the future something I am going to write will resonate with you

Give you the confidence to take the first step to come and join us.


But in the meantime I am going to be emailing you 3 times a week!

Once on a Monday. Once on a Wednesday. And Once on a Saturday ( no more than 500 words, unlike this one!)

You'll get entertaining snippets of my life as a Zig Zag Coach, the successes and mess ups of my

awesome ladies and some brilliant “How To’s” (I don’t do "To Do’s"…you have enough of those!)

I will help you take those first powerful steps to creating those “invincible” habits required for long lasting weight loss

success and that healthy, happy feeling! 

Ofcourse every now and again when I have something to sell…I will send you a blatant sales email!!

But you will see it coming. I’ll let you know


Of course if the thought of getting 3 emails from me a week fills you with utter dread. Please unsubscribe at the bottom.

I really don’t mind at all.

Yes. This was the “What If” that I was most scared about in starting this marketing strategy.

“What if all the ladies on my list unsubscribe?”

Well if you do, I’ve been honest with you. You’ve made an informed decision and we’re not a good match.

But Who is a good match?

These emails are for you if......

you're a lady aged 35+,  

you've been there done that

with the whole weight loss/fitness thing

yet still aren't happy with where you're at


It's for you....

if you're sick and tired of feeling invisible

and want to get your mojo back

but just don't know where to start


it’s for you …..

if you’ve tried every exercise approach under the sun.

The thought of joining a gym fills you dread

Mostly because you've already spent money on that and

You didn't go more than a handful of times


It’s for you…..

If you know you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve meaningful change

You’re intrigued about changing from the inside to benefit the outside

But not in an airy fairy way!!!

I’m not into us all holding hands in a circle whilst meditating and thinking

about golden unicorns – sorry of you are!


So, here's to hoping I “see” you on Saturday…


Bye "only" for now (I hope!)

Allison "being transparent" Harding 


PS 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge.

Here's your chance to join this small group of unstoppable ladies

and claim your FREE Taster week place 

Are you ready to change?




Be You...but even better. 






Allison Harding,Fitness & Motivation Coach

copyright@2016, all rights reserved