Were you shocked last week ?

Maria, the golden girl of tennis, the most highly paid female athlete in the world

confessing to being a drugs cheat?

Most people are "in between" in terms of their opinion

What about you?

Was she totally in the dark? Is it the fault of her coaches? Does the buck stop with her?


For me, no matter what she says, she is ultimately responsible..she has to be!

She's the one whose been putting the "medicine" in her mouth for 10 years!

She lives in a world where drugs are a huge deal. Where you know that one slip up could bring

your career crashing to its feet.


I'm sure it feels secure and in control to have advisors around you but

ultimately the buck stops with you Maria. 


It's similar in the weight loss world. 

How many times have you started a new diet, exercise plan, detox and followed some expert's

PERFECT plan, only to be disappointed with the outcome? 


It feels good to put your results in the hands of someone who seemingly knows more than you.

It feels almost like a relief: “Finally! Someone who can take this burden from me!

Someone who can take care of me!” And it works for a little bit, until it doesn’t anymore.


Every day you harness your willpower, get together your plan, cook the food, have the schedule,

count, weigh, measure and get some fast results.

But then something happens. Around week 2 or 3. Your results slow down.

Some of your old habits and cheats creep in and by week 4, you're completely “off plan”

feeling defeated, weak and totally discouraged.

Every day you vow to “start fresh” and “not do what you did last night!”


Sound familiar?


No one knows your body better than you. No expert can give you the perfect plan. 

You need to totally TRUST you. Like Maria, otherwise how will you know what to do

when things go wrong?  

Break the rules and start to learn what works for you. Sound scary?

Yep it can be because it means looking inward and getting to know yourself –

>I'm not going to get  all "woo, woo", on you here ! but... <

Learn about your metabolism, your tendencies, your sensitivities, your preferences..


How do you do this? 


Well that's what these emails are about...helping you to shift your perspective

And of course this is our approach on the 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge.

And that's why ladies are finally getting the results they want and deserve.

And more importantly holding on to them!


So I want you to think of 3 RULES you TRY to follow in terms of your eating habits.

They could be things like 

  • Drink 2-3 Litres of water a day
  • Eat 100 g of protein a day
  • Never skip breakfast
  • Never eat carbs after 4 pm
  • Don't mix Crabs and Protein

The list is endless

What are your rules? The ones you've read somewhere ? 

Write them down. And we'll work on them next time.


Bye for now



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