" Take my advice, that’s not the right impression you want to give 

…I read your Face Book posts all the time and THAT picture just isn’t congruent with your professional self…just saying!"

 A private FB message from a lady who had seen a picture I posted on my Facebook wall last week.

Yes, it was me sticking my tongue out to the camera!

Ok,  a little childish..and I was feeling a bit daft at the time. It was fun…

Was I thinking of my professional self at that moment?

No, I was just enjoying the moment with my Zig Zag ladies as they had nailed another strength session!


For years I use to worry about keeping up appearances. Seeming professional at all times.

Be an example to others on how to eat healthily and live a lean life.

Honestly? I thought this was what professional meant. This is what people needed. An example to follow!

Was that my true self? What do you think ?  

Like you (perhaps)  I’ve struggled with weekend binging. Mindless eating.

Feeling out of control with my food choices and going to the gym has felt like torture


Quite frankly trying to keep up the façade of being the "perfect" fitness professional was exhausting.

Until 3 years ago I decided that I wasn’t going to do it any more.

You could say that I know my way around the world of women’s weight loss, health, fitness and well being.  

I know how to help ladies find their Forever Solution.

I know that my “How to’s”, strategies and coaching tools work a treat. I’ve been doing all this stuff for over 2 decades.

But do I have to be the PERFECT professional order to help my ladies bring about deep meaningful change?

In an Industry where there is so much uncertainty, confusion and down right frustration..

isn’t some transparency refreshing?


You ladies can sniff out the rubbish. Discerning ladies, the kind I work with are savy and sharp.

Pretending that I don’t eat sweets, treats and drink alcohol is doing everyone a disservice, especially myself

It feels dishonest and yucky.

You don’t want to connect with a robot.

You want to work with some one who you think will understand you and your struggles

And have a laugh whilst doing so!

If this isn’t you, then I would suggest you unsubscribe at the bottom of this email, as we are a really poor match.

(I'm sure the lady who sent me the Face Book message has already done so!)

So, yes, I will stick my tongue out occasionally if I feel like it.

I will drink wine and enjoy chocolate.

I will overindulge sometimes.

I’m not saying that these things aid weight loss. But to try and be perfect and go cold turkey just keeps us all a slave to

the "all or nothing' approach and ultimately keeps us struggling. It's not a long term solution.

So Bottom line? Nowadays, I show myself. I've Moved from a preacher to a friend. And it feels good.

To resonate, share and help find solutions with my Zig Zag ladies is what makes me happy and yes,

I stick my tongue out sometimes!

Trying to be PERFECT keeps you struggling in all areas of life not just health fitness and well being.

But being Authentic is a game changer!

Allison x

PS Our next 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge is approaching. Start w/c 4th April. One group is now full. 2 places left in the other. Want one? CLICK HERE for all the "imperfect" info!