I was asked this about our 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge last night on Face Book


As I’ve said all along, I’m going to be honest and transparent with you....


A lifetime of abusing your body

with food, drink and sugar

won't get sorted out completely in 8 weeks


It's going to take a bit longer than that 

for you to undo all those years of yoyo dieting




You can still make a dramatic change to your body shape

by making some small doable changes in that time


I get asked by women all the time

How long will it take for me to see results?


The truth of the matter is 

It's not just about what you can see

But also about how you FEEL


How it feels when you put those jeans on

and they zip up without you having to

wriggle and jiggle yourself into them


How it feels when that dress

you take into the changing room

fits you like a glove without 'those' pants


When you feel good about yourself

knowing you look good

you ooze confidence and vitality


There's just no better feeling is there?


That feeling is exactly what our 8 week

Forever Kick Start Challenge

will help you achieve.


It will help you shift stubborn inches from your body

feel absolutely amazing in the run up to the summer

so that you can wear the kind of clothes you love 

without having to resort to those "hold you in" pants


Over the course of the 8 weeks

you'll have 16 face to face small group fat burning exercise sessions

A library of At home videos that are efficient and effective

Access to my private online Member's Lounge

for nutrition coaching, support and 

accountability to help you stay on track



You'll be given a step by step

no nonsense nutrition plan

that’s super simple to follow

and you'll never be hungry

And we'll even have a trip to the supermarket 

to trouble shoot those nutrition points in real time


It really is a simple step by step 8 week plan

that will not only get you serious results

but will also help you understand

how easy it can be to keep the weight off long term


Looking forward to seeing you transform




P.S This is an eating, emotions and exercise based program

that can help you lose up to 2 stone (that’s our best result so far!)

and give you your confidence back

so that you can love yourself again


CLICK HERE to hear Mel and Carrie talk about their fabulous experience,

and to book your place on the next FREE Taster Week!