I wonder if your house is a little like mine at the moment?


Everywhere I turn there’s still bits of chocolate.


Bunnies, eggs, large , small, dark, white, milk….all half open and ready to pick at.


It’s so difficult to resist isn’t it? especially now that the Easter’s over and its all still hanging around.


It can be hellish can’t it?


Desperately trying to resist the temptation. Giving in (again) and then beating yourself up for being so weak willed when you’ve tucked in to the children’s chocolate – denying all the time that it was you when they find half the egg gone!...Yep, me too!


But for me this year was different.


This year I’ve enjoyed every bit of chocolate I’ve had


This year I actually gave myself permission to have an Egg of my own. I even shared some with the kids and Dave!


You see when, you give yourself permission to enjoy the chocolate you’re no longer consumed with guilt once you’ve indulged.


You don’t feel the need to scoff the lot. You know there’s plenty there for you tomorrow or the next day


You can enjoy the moment and then move on.


Trying to be the PERFECT dieter, using will power to resist, will be short lived and leave you struggling. The more you resist the bigger the binge.


This is something I struggled with for a long time.


And it’s something I can help you with too when you join one of my 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge


I help you understand


why your emotional eating always seems to get the better of you


why you constantly self sabotage despite really wanting to lose weight


why “I’ll just have ONE” turns into the whole packet, box or biscuit tin!


I know that you KNOW what you should be eating.


But KNOWING and DOING are two very different things aren’t they?


I won’t be giving you a whole new list of To Do’s on the program.


But what I will be sharing with you are the tools you need to finally stop the craving and binging cycle and finally get the results you want and deserve.


You’ll get 2 fat burning small group exercise sessions per week

Constant support, guidance and encouragement from me via an online coaching group

And a whole host of other resources


To make sure you don’t throw in the towel when the going gets tough – like you normally do.


Would you like to be 1 stone lighter by the beginning of June? Our next 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge starts 4th April  (next Monday) with a FREE Taster Week. There’s one space left.


The next one starts in May, and registration is already open and flowing…


"No chocolate binge" Allison x


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