“Happy Valley”


I got a box set of the first series last week for my birthday


Dave and I were hooked from the beginning.


What a Psycho Tommy was…!


We couldn’t switch it off and we actually watched the whole lot in one day…!


Finishing it at 1.30 am on Monday morning…what muppets!


I had a mega day to get through on Monday. Boy did I make it hard for myself!


Do you ever do this…?


Not just with box sets but other stuff?


What about in terms of your health/fitness and weight loss/maintenance?


You KNOW what we should be doing ( like I knew that I should have gone to bed 3 hrs earlier!)


but DOING it CONSISTENTLY is another thing isn’t it?


Julie, a new Taster week lady knew exactly what I meant


“I know what I should be eating…boy, I’ve known for decades what I should be eating.


But do you know what? I actually LOVE some of my BAD habits!”


This is so true isn't it? 


Why should we change, if we LOVE what we do?


But do we?


We chatted a bit longer, and Julie thought again.


She decided that yes, she did enjoy indulging herself with chocolate, cakes, biscuits, alcohol…




But afterwards found that she felt disgusted with herself for having no will power again.


Hated looking in the mirror, felt uncomfortable in her clothes and was fed up with


feeling so tired all the time.


Does this sound familiar to you too?


HOW on earth do you go about changing those fun ingrained habits?


Those things that you LOVE to do in the moment, but know are doing you no good?


Here’s a start


Answer these 2 questions

1. What Do you want? What do you REALLY want?


Most people when you ask them that, don’t actually know, specifically.


We work on this A LOT at Zig Zag.




2. What is important to you RIGHT NOW?


Sitting down with a packet of crisps and a glass (bottle) of wine every night?


Or looking in the mirror and truly loving what you see?”


Then what will you have to do? 


Live like a nun and give up all those things you love doing?


Of course not! Life would be so dull…and I wouldn't have a business!


But you will have to take some ACTION. 


Make some changes to your CONSISTENT eating and exercise habits so that they


support exactly what it is you WANT.


By Julie answering those questions, she was able to identify what had been REALLY


holding her back for so long.


She wasn’t lazy and lacking will power


Julie had been sedating herself daily with food, sugar and drink for years


whilst she struggled to cope with juggling a stressful job, family, ill mother

and a marriage break down. She’s now up and running….


Until next time


Allison (Off to bed early) Harding



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