That’s what I said 4 years ago

And it's quite tough to admit that here right now in front of you

It would have been easier to keep that side of my character hidden from you

lie about it or just pretend it didn't happen


But that’s what got me into trouble in the first place


And I know that by sharing this with you

will help you realise that it's okay


A few years ago I did something 


Something that successful people never do

(or so it seems in all the motivational quotes you read on Face Book!)




I stamped my foot, hard

And walked away from it all


I was fed up with all the early mornings

Juggling the children, work and family

Training to keep in shape to

Keep up with appearances


I was fed up with my clients who weren’t getting the results

I wanted them to get

Who told me time and time again that they were following my advice

But I knew they couldn't be


Fed up with the Fitness Industry

I felt it was a nonsense, delivering no solution for anyone

Fed up seeing young new talent coming through

Feeling like I was a “has been”


For years I saw my quitting as a failure


But now I see it differently


It was just a choice


I chose to walk away


I chose to give it a rest


And I also chose to come back


I chose to change my approach, because the way I had always done things

wasn’t working....Not well enough for me anyway


I learnt from my mistakes

I went back to the beginning after over 15 years


And now I’m loving it and getting a real kick out of helping

as many women with their health, fitness and weight loss goals as I possibly can


How many times have you quit?


Let’s talk in terms of your health, fitness, weight loss efforts.


Perhaps you’ve given up on your exercise plan, diet, detox, “Dry January” …

It just didn’t work for you.

Does it mean you’re a failure?

Ofcourse not?


It just didn’t fit your life.

You couldn’t work with it.

You couldn’t sustain it

Life got in the way

It was too hard

You didn’t enjoy it

Who wants to eat Kale for breakfast anyway?


Why am I telling you all this?


I didn’t want you to think that I’m some sort of PERFECT mother/fitness professional

I’m absolutely children will tell you how wrong I get it all the time! 


I struggle day to day with the same things as you

Making choices every day. Not good and bad choices, just choices


Accepting that often I’m not going to get it right

Accepting that I always have a choice

Accepting that there is another way to live the life that I know will make me happy

And accepting myself as “good enough”. Flaws and all.

Hope this resonates, just a little. Trying to be perfect at anything keeps you struggling.

I like "imperfect", I can work with that, and so can my brilliant clients


Have a great weekend!






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