“I’m fat because I just eat too much crap and I'm a lazy Moo! “


This was the way Sue introduced herself to me and the rest of the

small group of Taster Week ladies last week


The other ladies shifted uncomfortably from side to side and chanted..

 “no no you're not fat, no  don't say that, you're lovely...no, not at all”

They wanted to ease her pain. They wanted to ease their pain. They felt uncomfortable.

They wanted her to like them. They wanted to be accepted, and they wanted her to feel accepted

…They also wanted ME to say something......

I didn’t...(Sue isn't her real name by the way...I'm not that bad!!)

Why didn't I join the chorus?

Because Sue didn't need it

Sue was actually trying to say

"I’m not in good place right now with my body, I’m stressed,

I haven’t got the right balance, I'm fed up with how I'm doing things.....

I want to change

By me sticking an elastoplast on her comment, a quick fix to make her feel better

I wasn’t going to help her long term


Sue was being honest with herself. She needed some help

She knew she needed to change

And I love working with women like Sue.

In fact those are the sort of women who join Zig Zag

Unstoppable action takers who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and are ready

to actually DO something about it!


So many women don’t admit the truth

They stay stuck in their own stories

They tell themselves that life's too hard

They're too busy to exercise

It’s too expensive to eat healthily or seek help

It takes too much time

Their family commitment are too complicated

Their children come first...ALWAYS, no matter what

And that’s why they’ve let themselves go


But those stories even though they’re full of twists and turns

Will rarely have a happy ending


But some of you reading this will be ready to change the story just like Sue is


You're ready to reach out and get some expert help

Be honest with yourself and let go of the lies, denial and self limiting beliefs

The ones you’ve been telling yourself for so long


Help to lose the weight

and start living in a body that you’re proud of

where you're proud to be you


Help to get your confidence back

have a deeper connection in your relationship

and feel like you’re visible again


Help to gain control

when it comes to your work/family life balance

so that you don't let everything get on top of you


If you're ready to admit to yourself 

that it's time to take control of your life

then I'd have you consider the next step

in actually 'doing' something about it


Not tomorrow, next week

or next month

but NOW


If you're ready to make some changes

with your body, your relationships

and your work life balance

CLICK HERE to access the application form

to attend my next 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge


We run a FREE Taster week and

It only takes a few seconds to reserve your spot


Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year

Nothing's going to change

unless you take action TODAY


Allison "no elastoplasts here" Harding



PS If you’re ready to take action and change your story CLICK HERE but only if you’re ready