My daughter’s boyfriend that is

It was last Friday night. Katie brought her boyfriend George over for dinner.

It was the first time we had met him.

Everyone on best behaviour….you know how it is?

Boys warned not to fight. David warned not to be embarrassing.

And me? Well Katie was sure I wouldn’t let her down, so I didn’t have any instructions!


Everyone was standing around, including George and Katie whilst I was dishing up.

Then our fabulously unsubtle 13 year son announced

“Mum you’ve only cooked 5 chicken breasts…what’s George going to eat???”


Tumble weed moment…


George embarrassingly says "its really not a problem…"

Boys killing themselves laughing

Katie wide eyed, not believing that I could mess up such a simple thing....

Dave? Well it was an open door to rag me about my cooking,

maths, organisational skills all night!!


A true case of me just doing what I’d always done..


On automatic pilot


So much of my life is automatic, I’m sure it’s the same for you?


It has to be doesn’t it? Being a modern day superwoman is super busy isn’t it?

Laud if you had to be mindful about everything, you’d never get stuff done!


Most of the time this automation works well for you. But not always.

When it comes to making a significant change such as improving our health, losing weight,

starting a consistent exercise program, at some point you have to STOP and actually change path.

Break some of those ingrained habits.


How can you possibly get a significant result by continuing to DO the same things

over and over again?


Does this sound familiar?


When are you going to honest with yourself 


That in order for you to get to where you want to go

You're going to have to change the route of the course.


Because doing what you're doing right now

Isn't getting you RESULTS


What if....


You corrected the route of your life in terms of your health fitness and well being RIGHT NOW

so that you did succeed in getting what you want


It's not as hard as you think it is


To stop talking and get DOING

Route correct and change direction


This is what we help ladies do at Zig Zag every day.


We work with ladies

who want to get results


Women who will show up, be accountable, take responsibility

COMMIT to doing the work


We will help you discover what has

been holding you back for years


You'll learn the exact same techniques myself and the ladies use daily

to bring you back into a place where you’re happy with your

body, health and fitness for good

You'll learn to thrive in the chaos!


Can’t promise that you’ll always remember how many you’ve got coming round for dinner...!


But I know you’ll be able to start living in a body that you’re proud of

by making some simple adjustments to the way you’re doing things CONSISTENTLY!


 Until next time



Allison "counting my chickens" Harding



PS If you’re ready to take action and change your story CLICK HERE but only if you’re ready