“You weren’t born a wolf, but now, you have to learn to behave like one”

Raksha told Mowgli


Have you seen it ?


Got to say "The Jungle Book" is the best Disney film I’ve seen in ages. Actually I’m a bit past that stage when the only films you go to see are cartoon in nature..can’t say I miss that part of parenthood!


I wasn’t majorly looking forward to seeing this either.. . I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to watch remakes of films,  I don’t ever watch a film twice. I love a surprise!


Anyway there were the usual Disney messages, good v evil, self trust, working as a team, bravery, acceptance, persistence, resilience …..


All that good stuff


At one point Mowgli starts to use his “Man tricks” things he’s been forbidden to do whilst running with the pack. But then he meets Baloo ! His man-made contraptions prove essential for helping the bear collect honey combs. Through a fabulous rendition of "Bare necessities", it takes time, patience, mess ups and failures but eventually the pair have a well oiled machine and a years supply of honey!


So where’s the story?


Well, it’s all pretty similar for us isn’t it? When you’re trying to achieve something meaningful in your life, be it body transformation, build a new business or relationship, It takes time, persistence, resilience, self trust, support…yadder yadder yadder…


But boy, it’s hard to begin with isn’t it?  


At the beginning  it feels like you’re putting in a load of physical and mental effort and nothing is changing.


You don’t have any wins yet!


That’s the ramp up period. You seem to be endlessly paying your dues into the effort piggy bank and barely seeing any return.


It’s similar to pushing a boulder up a hill. You're doing more work than is necessary because there isn’t any momentum yet.


If you’re focusing on your diet, eating healthy stuff and increasing your exercise, your body will be responding  (how can it not? ) but you can’t see the results!


The effects will start to show, but only once you’ve got notches on the post, time-wise and consistency-wise.


Ironically, this is (unfortunately) the reason so many give up because they're looking for quick wins, and when they don’t get them, they think why bother. Sound familiar? 




Here’s the great thing


That boulder you’re pushing up that hill? At some point, it reaches the top, and your efforts start to  pay off . It starts moving on it’s own a little more effortlessly. It starts picking up speed. Your efforts accelerate.


In terms of your diet, your cravings start to reduce. How? Because you have made a conscious effort to eat more whole foods, avoid as much highly processed food as possible and hydrate yourself. Your metabolism starts to raise, you start to feel more confident, you burn more calories "at rest!" (Oh YES!) and start to trust yourself so that you don’t have to rely on will power to always make the right choices. 


There's the magic formula,right there!...It all becomes enjoyable, effortless and effective!


I promise this is the way it works


It’s a great film by the way….Highly recommend it!


Bye for now




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