I have to admit–vegetables are not my strong suit. If I am not conscious of them, sadly I can go all day without them, munching on fruit, nuts, nut butters and eggs.

But they are a huge part of achieving and sustaining weight loss, and the more vegetables you eat, the fuller you stay (fiber + water), the better your metabolism runs and the more water you SHED (fibrous veggies are natural diuretics because of their high mineral content).

Admittedly, eating plain steamed veggies can seem like a punishment. You certainly feel healthier doing it that way, but why torture yourself with it when you can easily fit veggies in other ways AND make them taste more palatable?

Below, I list the ways I increase my veggie intake (#s 1-3), and I added some of my favourite responses from all my great clients over the years 


1. Just eat the ones you like. Don’t like broccoli? Don’t stress it and don’t force it. Eat what you like and eat them as much as possible. My boys, didn’t like any vegetables except for green beans. So they ate green beans. Even sometimes with a little butter or sprinkle of cheese. It was better than nothing and over time, they tried new veggies and acquired a taste for others. If you don’t like veggies but will eat a Caesar salad, start there. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Try new ones when you get the opportunity and over time, you’ll begin expanding your veggie variety.

2. Use the OXO Salad Chopper. Whoa, this thing changed my life! It’s a super-simple, inexpensive tool (basically a bowl with a double pizza-cutter thingy) that you can stuff with 4-5 handfuls of greens, which when chopped down ends up being much more palatable (no stems!!) and manageable in a very yummy BOS :) Add lean protein and voila! Here's the link to get one if you're interested? CLICK HERE

3. Use veggies to make a ‘bed’ like spaghetti squash or steamed spinach, to replace pastas.

4. ”Add a bunch of stuff to smoothies. For example. 1 scoop protein powder, kale, celery, banana, apple, frozen berries & unsweetened almond milk. “It will fool anyone because it’s so good.”

5. Stick them into egg dishes. Make veggie frittatas (add some cheese if you want to sexify it) add chopped veggies to omelettes or mixed sautéed spinach in with scrambled eggs. A dollop of salsa on top!

6. Add them to meatballs, burgers,bolognese, chilli etc. add veggies like aubergine, spinach, onions, peppers and courgette.

7. “Mince up leftover veggies and add to spaghetti sauce. Sneaky sneaky sneaky!”

8. Use frozen veggies. Things like broccoli florets, cauliflower, artichoke hearts and Brussels sprouts. “Very quickly cook in the microwave, add a drizzle of olive oil and freshly ground pepper.”

9. Cauliflower! “It can be made into anything!” Like pizza crusts, fake mashed potatoes (i.e. mashed cauliflower) and even added to your baking.

10. “I love leeks so I boil some up and spread a layer on my plate and then put the rest of my dinner such as curry, stew, chunky soup, etc on top. You can even put poached or fried eggs on top.”

Make them TASTE better! Ultimately if you are trying to force-feed yourself plain steamed veggies, eventually your willpower will give out and you’ll grab something that tastes better. If you add a sprinkle of cheese or some herbs or hot sauce or even a light coat of butter, chances are you will be more likely to eat them. Consistency is key!