“Eat mindfully…..keep it simple” He said


“What?” she said “What the heck does that mean? It all sounds a bit woo woo to me!”


A conversation I overheard between another PT and his client the other day


I know he meant well


But I also know by the look on his client’s face that she really wasn’t on his page


She wanted information.


She wanted a meal plan, a formula.


She wanted to know how much of everything she could have.


She wanted to know when to eat, what to eat, how to eat…


What combo of foods to have. What colour. Yadder yadder yadder…


She wanted a solution, Urgently, NOW.


Eating mindfully and simply just wasn’t going to cut it.


It was too soft, too weak it wasn’t tough enough!


She walked out. Very politely, But she walked out. He won’t see her again.



She wasn’t at that “simplistic” point YET.


She needed to experience all the other stuff. And that’s right. I totally get that.


(By the way, if you just more information and a meal plan, then I’m not going be able to help you that much. We’re not going to be a good match. Feel free to unsubscribe from these emails at the bottom. No hard feelings.)  


I’m asked all the time. “Should I do Weight Watchers, Slimming world, Lighter Life, Juice Plus, Forever Living…..”


“Of course!, Why not? If you haven’t done it before…”


Have your own experience. I’m all for that.


Each woman deserves to earn her own set of lessons.


That’s the magic of DOING. Of taking action.


You get the good with the bad. It’s transformative.


You don’t get that from talking about it, do you?


Ladies who join Zig Zag have had many experiences


They’ve done all the meal plans, diet books, magic lotions potions and pills


They’ve read the latest info out there and tried to implement it consistently


They’ve had a few small wins


But nothing that’s really resonated with them. Nothing habit forming. Nothing effortless


They’ve gathered all the information, but now feel paralyzed


It all feels complicated. Overwhelming. They need it to be simple.



They’re busy. They’re constantly juggling,


Their weight loss “stuff” can’t take over their life, it just can’t.


What about you?  


Are you at this point too?


You’ve yo yo’d all your life between binge and deprivation?


You’re ready to take responsibility for your own process?


You’re ready to be accountable?


You know that you’re an expert in your life


You just want some help and support in this ONE area..?


You want to enjoy a meal out and not be paranoid that you’re going to gain ½ stone?


You want to feel happy with what you see in the mirror?


You want to feel proud of your strong, healthy looking body?


You want to go out without changing your outfit 10 times?


You want it easy, enjoyable and effortless?


You KNOW what you should be doing


You just need to discover what's been stopping you from actually DOING it?


Your eating and exercise needs to feel automatic


Not something that constantly preoccupies your mind, affects your moods


And upsets your precious relationships with the ones you love the most!


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Bye for now


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