That little 3 letter word

is like an arrow to the heart for some women

Like it's some sort of swear word

And one that you've probably used to put yourself down?

One of my lovely Zig Zag ladies said this to another lady yesterday, and I quote


'You Are NOT Fat


You HAVE Fat


Just like you HAVE Fingers and Toes'



Read that again


'You Are NOT Fat


You HAVE Fat


Just like you HAVE Fingers And Toes'



And it's so right

Every-BODY has FAT

It's essential to maintain a healthy life and to protect your internal organs

Too much body fat and you're overloading the body

putting you at risk of disease, heart complications and a whole host of health issues

Too little body fat and you risk the body shutting down

Irregular periods, tiredness and loss of hair are just some of the symptoms

So what's the best way to maintain a healthy body fat

and what should your body fat levels be??


Your diet is the biggest contributing factor in how much body fat you carry

But contrary to what you might think

Eating a low fat diet won't see you shed a ton of body fat 

While you might lose 'weight' eating a low fat diet

your body will be rounder, softer and squishier << real word honest <<

I'm not going to go too deep with this stuff

Because I know that you're already confused about diet and weight loss

And that’s why you're struggling to lose body fat right now

If you're struggling to shift those wobbly bits

and want to see a leaner, less squishy body for summer

Then I'd suggest you get on  a diet that includes GOOD fats

such as coconut oil, organic butter, nuts, seeds and avocado

This will help you get a leaner, more toned body


^^ FACT ^^


It's exactly the type of results based nutrition plan

you'll get at Zig Zag Women’s Fitness & Motivation

You won't be eating any processed foods or low fat rubbish

so if that's your bag we're probably not for you

You'll ramp up your results with our fat burning training sessions

Just 45 minutes strength and interval training is enough

to tone up and firm those wobbly bits 

And get your body shape streamlined for summer

There are just 2 places left to get started in 12 days time

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You'll discover why what you've been doing to lose weight hasn't worked for you so far. 

Until next time