SO, IT came up AGAIN this morning when I was chatting with a lady in my fabulously NEW #ANTIFAD #HAPPIERHEALTH FREE support group on Face BOOK. Have you found it yet? CLICK HERE to join?


Anyway ..


I digress…DOING the right exercise to achieve what you want is paramount.


Running to lose’s just going to increase your hunger and cravings and have you clinging on to your will power each and every day to avoid those starchy carbs


Please don’t do it!


Here are the 3 Biggest mistakes I see ladies making time and time again when taking up an exercise program. They damage their metabolism, speed up ageing, drain their energy and it can even make them fatter!




Worst Exercise Mistake #1 - This can increase body fat



When you want to burn more fat, it's as simple as working out longer, right?




The longer you exercise, the more your body is under stress and the greater the chances you'll flood your body with the powerful stress hormone cortisol.


Cortisol, when it is around in high amounts too often, causes you to lose muscle from your upper body and store fat, especially around your tummy




Worst Exercise Mistake #2 - This Drives Sugar Cravings...



When you start a program you need to start slowly, yes?


Ofcourse . Let your joints, muscles, heart and lifestyle get use to it!


Then you increase the amount of TIME you are exercising for?




This only drives your sugar and carb cravings through the roof.


That's exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to happen as high blood sugar is one the most damaging things to the health of your metabolism.


When you see someone on TV who’s just finished a really sweaty training session it looks great doesn’t it? Especially if it's George with me? 


But what they don't show you is what happens after that workout... when they are absolutely drained of energy, in a horrible mood and craving nothing but fattening, sugary carbs!...not so attractive!




Worst Exercise Mistake #3 - The "Loose Workout"



What the heck is that?


It's a when you just exercise randomly. A bit of walking, a bit of running, a bit of swimming, a bit of strength, a bit of Zumba, a bit of “insane” …a bit, a bit…you go from one thing to the next that you NEVER create a strong enough signal that tells your metabolism to burn fat and tone muscle.




How to Hit the Metabolic Sweet Spot, Torch Fat and Tone Muscle...



Look, I know it’s confusing when there’s so much conflicting stuff out there


That’s one of the main reasons I created Zig Zag Women’s Fitness & Motivation, to show you how to exercise efficiently, effectively and enjoyably. It has to all of those things otherwise lets face it WHY the heck would you even think about doing it?


* Strength training for is paramount. Increasing lean muscle mass means more fat burn at rest!  Joint mobility, bone density, self esteem, circulation, mood and posture are all improved too.


* Interval Training training at a high intensity ( YOUR high intensity, not mine or Sue’s next door..) for a short amount of time and then resting until you can do it again. Again increases the after burn effect and it doesn’t take all day. WIN WIN in my eyes!


* Leisurely activities such as yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, things you enjoy all help balance hormones, reduce stress and aid fat loss.


*Look at your Diet first. have you made this mistake in the past? I see it time and time again. You start with exercise. It hurts. You can’t keep it up. You don’t adjust your diet. You get no results. You get fed up. You tell yourself that you just don’t have time and the whole Zig Zag (Yo Yo starts again)



Truth is, the exercise part is short and simple…Consistently fitting it into your busy life is the issue here isn’t it?  


That’s why our sessions at Zig Zag are short and sweet. It’s the support away from the class in terms of eating and habit changing that really feels different to any other approach. That and being a part of a dynamic, unstoppable group of ladies..oh and we have quite a laugh....


I hope to see you in the #AntiFad #Happier Health Space soon.


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