I’m interested in really messy stuff….


I’m interested in why women often feel like they’re not enough


I’m interested in why they find it hard to show themselves some real compassion


I’m interested in why women connect their own self worth with their dress size


I’m interested in why women feel that perfection is the goal


I’m interested in why women can connect so well, yet sometimes struggle with each other


I’m interested in why women sometimes feel like they need to hide who they really are


I’m interested in why women chose to numb the pain rather than face the fear


I’m interested in why women struggle with being seen, really seen


I’m really interested in what it is exactly that stops women living the life they want?


And I’m interested in unravelling this messy stuff…




Because I am a woman and I’ve suffered all this stuff too


I am a woman, I work with women, I coach women, I listen to women and I think we’re great!


We just need to be reminded of that fact…often….


I take inspiration from a lot of people


Here’s who I’m reading right now


“The Gifts of Imperfection” By Brene Brown, take a look, it’s a good one….learning to let go of who you think you should be , and actually enjoying who you are in all your imperfect messiness.


She did a great TED Talk 6 years ago on vulnerability. A really funny lady. I like her authenticity…not your normal researcher. More of a story teller…my kind of style.


I hope this Saturday morning you have 20 mins to listen? She’s good! HERE'S the LINK


That’s all I have for you today.


Have a great weekend. 




By the way, the June 8 Week Forever Kick Start Challenge registration is now open. It's the last one until September....