I know, I’m a whole 24hrs late with this email.


The irony here is…I’m writing about getting stuff done…Ha!


Time, time, time….it's the #1 reason ladies give for being inconsistent with their health, fitness, weight loss efforts.


Do you struggle to  


Find time to go to the gym


Find time to cook from scratch


Find time to have breakfast or lunch


Find time to drink water


Find time to get to bed on time…


Are you ready to hear the uncomfortable truth about how you get this stuff done or do you want to keep falling for the comforting lies?


Make it your IDENTITY. Once you do that, you'll always be able to find the time.

In your mind, you simply say "I'm the type of lady who exercises consistently, who eats good food, and who tries to make the best health decisions I can at any given time".

It's like other values in your life.

When part of your identity is: "I'm a lady who doesn't lie" then you just don't lie. Or "I'm a lady who doesn't eat meat" then you just don't eat meat.

It's the same thing with making exercise, nutrition and fitness decisions. You become someone who just exercises every week.

But remember, you don't always need to accomplish your PERFECT notion of the "perfect exercise week". Sometimes that's simply impossible and not sustainable. 

However, when exercise is part of your identity, you'll find some way to do something. Even if it's just a couple of short body weight circuits in your living room.

So here’s a challenge for you


Could you sit down for 10 minutes to ask yourself


“Exactly what time DO I have? “

1) Could I find 10 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week?

2) Could I get up 20 minutes earlier

3) Could I go to bed 30 mins earlier so that I can get up 20 mins earlier?

4) Could I go for a brisk walk every morning/evening

5) Could I do a body weight circuit in my living room 2-3 times a week

6) Could I get to a couple of classes

7) Could I plan my meals for next week?

8) Could I eat a portion of protein with every meal?

9) Could I drink 2-3 Litres of water a day, everyday?


Are you ready to change your story, make peace with yourself and stop the war?


Lose the beliefs that you just don’t have the time, where you’re focusing on what you can’t do and start to ask yourself what you COULD do.


Once you’ve established a couple of things you COULD do, pick ONE, simple doable action that you WILL do NOW! –It’s got to be so easy that you just can’t fail. TELL as many people close to as possible. Increasing the likelihood that you will follow though this time.


Whatever you chose to do, it may be a challenge, it may cost you some money, it may force you to learn new things, stretch and grow . It may not be easy. But your health is worth the investment isn’t it?  


Are you ready to lose the struggle and start a journey?


Bye for now


Allison "I'll be on time on Saturday" Harding


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