Hey, I'm actually doing it right now..my hack, and it's working..

You see Some days I can sit at the computer and I feel like J K Rowling (!)

(I'm sure you'd agree that my content is comparable - Ha!)

My Blog just flows out..15 mins BOOM and it’s done.

Others ?…Gad! its like I'll do anything - even clean the bathrooms, rather than start to write.

Know what I mean?


I’ve started to see the signs when I’m not going to be productive


1. I make a coffee

2. I’ll the pop the TV on and suddenly ANYTHING that Phil and Holly are talking about

hold HUGE significance to my life!

3. 20 mins down, I grab a bit to eat

4. I look at the clock and it’s 11.45am…”No point in starting until it’s 12 O clock..

I’ve got 15 more minutes to just “numb out!”

5.  I finally sit down at 1 pm......Face Book (!) arghhh...why is it so addictive? 


Once I start I do all those things that are URGENT and IMPORTANT

… answering clients emails, planning classes to tomorrow, paying bills, writing FB posts...

Rather than the thing…the BLOG that will just push my business forwards.

I start working IN my business rather than ON it!


I then get frustrated. Now I must leave to collect the children..

When do I write my Blog ?

11 pm at night!

Go to bed past midnight and the whole procrastination path starts again….

mostly because I'm sleep exhausted. 


No one is ever ON IT..all the time

No one feels super charged and uber productive every day

But being aware of what you’re doing can help.


Small steps = productivity

Big Lists = Overwhelm and stagnation


So in terms of my office work, I’ve started telling myself “Just 5 minutes”

Just give it 5 minutes to start

And so often I stay for the long game and get the job done.


I do the same with my workouts

They’re only 20  minutes in total anyway ( that’s all you need to be effective)

but some days the thought of doing even that feels like a slog.

So I tell myself that I’ll just do the 5 min warm up  and see how I feel

Again, very rarely do I quit there. 


A promise of 5 minutes effort is all that's needed just to get the leverage to START!

The lesson here? 



If you’re struggling to even get started with establishing a healthier way of eating.

Think super small.

What is THE most effortless action you could take that would actually make you

feel like you’ve started?


You must at least 90% confident that you can follow through


Usually you start on a Monday saying “Right, this is it, super clean, no crap,

gallons of water, no booze, green everything, no cake…yadder yadder, yadder”

How has this served you in the past?


Instead, how about “Today I will drink 500ml more of water than I drank yesterday? “

Could you do that?


“Today I will have eggs for breakfast instead of my sugar laden museli, fruit and toast”

Could you do that?

I'm sure you could simplify it further to fit your own preferences? 


Same as the exercise

Usually we plan on Sunday to “spin, step, strength train, flex, swim, run, sprint EVERYDAY next week…”

Have you EVER delivered consistently on this?

How about "TOMORROW at 7 am or 12.30 or 16.30 (whenever) I will take a walk outside

for 10 minutes…WITHOUT my phone."

Could you do that?


“Tomorrow I can’t do any exercise due to X, Y, Z but the next day I can do X at this time"

then put it in your diary.


Promise small and deliver big. Give your head a rest...


Remember you need to be at least 90% certain that you can follow through

on whatever action you chose.


Let me know how you get on...


Until Saturday


Allison “5 powerful minutes” Harding


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