...On Monday?

You couldn't miss it really...

It was all over the press…and what a clever day to release the news


“Official advice on low-fat diet and cholesterol is wrong"..says Public Health Collaboration


Any big news about diet and exercise is going to break on Monday isn’t it?

Just as everyone starts their Monday morning “tighten up” after the weekend…


I’m not sure if I was pleased or depressed to see the headline..


Any PT or Fitness Professional worth their weight will have been telling

their clients to ditch the sugar laden low fat products for years.


Here’s a comment from a recent Zig Zag Kick Starter…

She started to eat MORE full fat products,

dropped 10.4llbs and 5.7 inches in 20 days 

and these were her comments after her Supermarket Tour


Yes, it’s good that the message is out there in a bigger way and

I’m pleased about that

But is it going to lead to more confusion?


One of my Zig Zag ladies said

"People will just start eating chips…”

 and she has a point


But ofcourse "eat Full Fat" doesn't mean crisps, chocolate and McDonalds...

It means:

  • Avocado
  • Coconut (and Oil)
  • Olive Oil
  • Flaxseed
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Eggs.....


But I believe this is going to be quite a hard pill to swallow for most

as we have become so fat phobic over the past 20 years or so.


It's quantity that most of the Zig Zag ladies struggle with. 

How much is good? and how much is over doing it? 

Here’s a guide.

One portion of the following foods will meet

1/3rd of the minimum daily requirement intake for fat.

Meaning that it's a suggested minimal portion at one

of a possible 3 meals a day


1 x Salmon steak (or other oily fish) approx. 64g women, 85g men

7 Walnuts – or 29g women, 38g men

1 fried egg (in butter/cocnut oil) – or 64g women, 85g men (1.5 eggs)

Roasted Lamb – 37g Women, 50g men

Thumb size portion of Cheddar Cheese – 29g Women, 38g men

99% Dark Chocolate – 71g Women, 95g Men!


I hope that makes things a little clearer? 


Another key point to the report which the media didn’t pick up on

was addressing the type of Carbohydrates we should be eating.

I have a great trick for you on Wednesday that you can use in the Supermarket.

A really quick way to measure if you’re on track


For now though, ditch the 'low fat' versions of what you eat for the full fat

AND get eating the foods above!


Always looking for the Perfectly Imperfect solutions

to improve your consistency and get you the body you deserve

whilst keeping your sanity!!!!


Until Wednesday


Bye for now


Allison "Full Fat Loving" Harding


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