Ahhhh, Bank Holidays, don't you love them? 


Just that extra day to spend with family, friends or maybe just catching up with life’s stuff

With it being bank Holiday I wanted to give you a little bit extra too..

But I promise it won't be a bog standard Bank Holiday Deal!

Ugh they can be annoying can't they, cluttering up your INBOX? 

I’ve had loads today!!


Do you ever read them? I rarely do and just find myself deleting them,

when actually I should really just unsubscribe.

I’m never going to buy from them.


Maybe that’s how you feel about my emails?

If that’s the case then please scroll down to the bottom and flick the switch…

No offence taken.

I know how annoying it can be to receive stuff that you’re just not interested in.



I thought today I'd 'offer' you a CHOICE

Life is all about making choices, 

some harder than others

Some are no brainers that you don't even need to think about.

So here's what I'm proposing... 


A) That you get honest with yourself 

and admit that you're struggling right now

Struggling with your health, your mindset and your body

And that you’ve tried to go it alone, but now you really need

Some expert help and support


B)You hide away from it all, telling yourself everything's okay

Telling yourself you've got this, that you don't need my help

And we part company right here, right now


Probably not what you where expecting me to say? 

But trust me when I say, I'm doing it to help you move forward


You see tomorrow I'm making a special offer for 1 lucky lady who REALLY wants my help

And I will literally force you to take action instead of just reading my emails

and sitting on the fence.


But you need to be the right kind of woman

Because you need to be a woman who actually wants to change your body

and is not looking for another cheap QUICK FIX 

And is willing to put in the work that it requires to get the results that you so badly want


How do you qualify for this offer then? 

Well let’s start with who doesn't qualify


1) QUITTERS <-- I feel harsh writing that but, It’s true isn’t it?

 There is no room for women who throw the towel in 

at the first sign of struggle

And there will be times when you will struggle

But what you'll learn from working with me

is that you can ease that struggle 

So that it doesn't sabotage everything you're working towards

You'll need to have an open mind 

and not be one of those 'I can't do that' kind of people

If that all sounds too much effort......

Then this offer wont be for you.



The amount of women I talk to that are overweight, 

say they desperately want my help 

But then proceed to tell me 

they are not prepared to make small changes to their diet is crazy

*** YOU have to change your diet up if you’re overweight *** 

Exercise will NOT work on its own

If you're not prepared to change

some of the stuff that's making you fatter right now

In order for you to get the best results? 

Then this isn't for you.



Our groups are full of like minded women who like to have fun 

but at the same time work hard and help gee each other along

If you're one of those people who constantly believes that life's not fair

who point the finger at others for doing well in life

Then you're not a good fit for me to work with



Everyone likes a bargain, I get it

I do too, 

but not when it comes to my health and well being

Think about it for a moment

Do you really believe that you'll get the results you want 

from a £16 Groupon deal??

Do you really believe that you'll commit to getting the results you want

from going to the pay as you go class?  

Where you come and go when you feel like it?

Where no one actually cares how often you go? 

I want you to see results! 

And results like ours come at a price...(cost of 1 x grande latte a day for 5 weeks!)

Not willing to pay it?

That's cool..

Jut keep paying the price for lotions, potions, pills and QUICK FIXES that don’t work 

and waste HUNDREDS of pounds in the process




If any of that offends you, Or sounds remotely like you?

Then I think it’s time we said GOODBYE.

No hard feelings,


However if the thought of being that person fills you with dread 

Then you need to watch out for WEDNESDAY 

because I've got something pretty cool coming your way


Allison “Choose your path” Harding


Oh by the way, my offer will be VALUABLE but it won’t be FREE. So if that’s what you’re looking

for I would also Unsubscribe!!!