Before I start. The powerful offer I talked about on Saturday? It's at the end....


I’m feeling a bit out of sorts after the weekend. What about you?  


Chatting to some of the Zig Zag ladies this morning, I know they’re feeling a bit the same.

Coming off the back of the Bank Holiday, engrossed in half term,

children on study leave  

their NORMAL environment has changed and that's lead to

trouble on the food choices front!


I bet, if I took 100 ladies into a supermarket and asked them to fill their baskets

with great nutritious food most, if not all of them would be able to do it?

You included I bet?

It’s not about knowing what to do. It’s the doing, the implementation, where we slip up. 


Our ability to memorize information about carbs,  fats , proteins, portion sizes..

has little to do with our choices when we have woken up late,

have to grab a quick breakfast or arrive home late from a busy day

and just don’t feel like being GOOD!


Our choices have much more to do with our ENVIRONMENT:

where we are, who’s around us.

We make 100’s of decisions about food all day every day.

Most of them we do without engaging our brain.

We’re led by mindless habits, and very often we’re not even hungry

when we’re reaching for food.


Our choices are lead by things such as







Changing how you think and feel takes time, practice and patience.

Changing your ENVIRONMENT is much easier , and is a great starting point if you want to lose 

those first few pounds, or if you just need to lose those final stubborn ones. 


Here are a few brilliant tips to get you going. 


>>Don’t shop whilst hungry

>>Keep chopped, ready to eat/'pick at' veggies in containers in the fridge.

No time to do this? Buy them ready prepped. Perfect scenario?

No but it's certainly “better than….”

>>Do a meal plan. Planning is key. Diary date 30 mins on a Sunday to get it done.

Yes, it’s time out of your relaxing weekend…

but it’ll make your week SO much less stressful & successful!

>>Keep cakes, crisps, biscuits etc out of the house.

Why do you buy them anyway? For the kids?

Let’s face it they don’t NEED them 24:7 either. 

>>Get the rest of the family onboard with you.

>>Make your fridge door a 'habit' board.

Write your goals and intentions on 'Post it' notes so everyone can see.

Accountability is more important than motivation in my eyes

>>Turn your car into a healthy meals on wheels.

Water, healthy snacks, even a protein powder that you could just add water to.

This way you won’t be tempted to make not so helpful decisions in the spur of the moment.

>>Have your workout gear in view ALWAYS.

Trip over your trainers at the door every time you leave the house.

You’ll soon get fed up of them and put them on!.

Hang your pants on the bedroom door…your lycra ones that is!!!


Could you follow through on ONE of these?


Stop waiting for the PERFECT moment to get going

You know what? There’s no such thing.

Do ONE thing NOW and you’ve started the move the dial in your favour!!!


>>>>>>Now for my offer<<<<<<<


As you know my last Forever Kick Start Challenge (until September) kicks off

on Monday 6th June week with a FREE Taster .

One group who’s exercise class will take place in the evenings is now totally FULL.

However I have 1 place left in the group training in the day time.


I am offering ONE lady who signs up for the 5 Week Challenge

the ultimate in ACCOUNTABILITY.

This lady will receive all of the goodies involved in the program (which is packed!) PLUS

>>2 x weights and measures sessions with me

one at the beginning, one at the end of the 5 weeks.

>>PLUS THREE 10 minute coaching calls per week for 5 weeks

to make keeping on track AUTOMATIC.

Now that’s powerful! No more wriggling out of it!


To qualify, you need to

>>Be able to attend the exercise sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday

at 10.30 am from Tuesday 7th June for 6 weeks.

>>Sign up to the FREE Taster week CLICK HERE.

>>Reply to this email as soon as you’ve done it so that I know you're the ONE!

>>First one to reply gets the prize!


That’s it. This offer is for you if you are REALLY serious about making a

significant change to the way you feel about your body in 6 Weeks AND

you want to look great in your summer clothes THIS YEAR


Accountability is KEY. More important than motivation.

No one but no one is motivated to show up in terms of their eating and exercise EVERYDAY.

But with THIS amount of support,I'll be holding your hand all the way to the success podium!


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Allison "accountability" Harding


PS. Nothing here today, but thanks for looking!

But CLICK HERE to reserve that special place. Then tell me you've done it!