Yesterday, I exercised for exactly 5 minutes and 20 seconds.


I’ll tell you why in a second.


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Now, back to the shortest workout ever…


Okay, okay, I did treadmill sprints.

Just 5 sprints, each 30 seconds long (30 seconds rest)

and the 20 seconds? 15 pushups!!!


Are short workouts enough though?


10 years ago, my first response to 5 minutes (20 seconds)

of exercise would have been ..…

that’s not even close to enough! WHY EVEN BOTHER?


In the past I have written about the importance of

endurance exercise.

I now write about the importance of being

Time efficient and effective.

And do you know what? I am better (physically)

than I was 15 years ago when I use to do marathon training. 


There’s a trust thing here, though, isn’t there?


This is a mindset shift, away from needing to do

more and more cardio

toward trusting that your body can (and will!)

respond to INTENSITY instead of DURATION.


Even knowing all of the SCIENCE I knew,

I still wasn't convinced 15/20 years ago!


But now a days, I HAVE to train effectively.

I truly don't have the time to spend more than

30 mins in the exercising.

I also don't WANT to!

And 5 mins 20 secs? !

Wow...that'll do for me!!!


For me, doing hours of cardio was a control mechanism.

It meant that I was in control of my physique

and thus in control of my life.


If I skipped workouts or didn’t do enough,

I felt like … I don’t know what I felt like! …

just that my body would change overnight,

I would immediately gain 50 lbs and

I wouldn’t be worthy of love from my partner,

Or respect and admiration from my clients anymore.


OMG. It feels embarrassing to even admit all that.


But when you’re caught up in the cardio cycle,

you don’t even know WHY you have to do so much,

you just do. Or else you feel like your

world as you know it will implode.


Over the last 3 years, I’ve slowly pulled back,

and started trusting myself more.

Trusting the process more.

And it’s been the most liberating thing—

to experience firsthand that my world didn’t in fact

blow up,

was all the evidence I needed to embrace shorter,

more intense exercise.


This is what I teach my Zig Zag ladies now. 


Intensity? What does that mean?

Well it's different for everyone.

Apart from one thing...

you can only do it for a short amount of time!


I used to brag about how long I spent at the gym.

Now I brag about how short my workouts are, ha!


But it feels really good to know that

5 minutes and 20 seconds is all I need

to maintain my physique


Because the goal is efficient exercise.


Why workout for an hour

when you can attain the same results in minutes?


So many women I meet don't even start

a workout regime because they feel that

the small amount of time they have to dedicate to it

just isn't enough. 


I dare you to increase the intensity of

whatever it is you are doing, walking, running,

swimming, weight training...

Cut your workouts down to 20-30 minutes,

and show me that you don’t get just as great results



Steady-state cardio is old school.

Can it be enjoyable?

Sure, and that certainly has implications for consistency.

But you don’t need it to lose fat or even maintain.


Nutrition is of course key,

but MORE exercise is not better. 



Good bye to counting down the minutes/hours

Let’s just count seconds instead!


Let me know if you have any questions!